5 Ways To Ease Homesickness.

5 Ways To Ease Homesickness.

looking for ways to miss home less? Here are five ways that have helped me to ease the homesickness.


After being at school for almost two weeks now, I'm beginning to start missing things from home. Home cooked meals, my parents voices, my pet, and other simple things. For kids who go away for school, there can be plenty of fun times spent at school. Yet, there are also some parts of me that definitely miss home a lot. Here are 5 ways that I cope with homesickness.

1. FaceTime calls with the parents. 

Phone calls in general are a great way to stay connected with family when away at school. Yet, face-times help on another level. Physically being able to see your family member's face makes it easier to talk to them. Conversations were meant to happen on a face to face level. Therefore, using FaceTime makes it one step easier to talk to your family so you don't miss them as much. You can also see your animals as well as you FaceTime. Keeping either face-times or phone calls on a daily basis will help for you to feel more connected with your family.

2. Ask for your parents to send care packages to you. 

Well some may not be able to, for those of you who have parents who are willing to do this, you should try this idea. Having a care package sent to you can be a good way to feel connected with your family. Most college students, when they are away from home crave a nice home cooked meal. Therefore, a good idea is to have your parents fill a care package with some homemade food that they are able to ship to you. This can sustain you for the nights that you are cramming for exams in the library. This can shorten the amount of time that will last between your next home cooked meal.

3. Have your parents come up for a weekend. 

One that most college kids don't think of is having their parents come up for a weekend. Pick a weekend that you are not doing anything, and ask your parents if they are free. Bring them up for a football game, and take them to your favorite spots on campus. Just let them have the ability to feel connected to you while you are away from them. Now when you call them on the phone or FaceTime them, they can be picture exactly where you are when you call them up.

4. Go away for the weekend with your friends from college. 

One way to ease the homesickness is making lemons out of lemonade. Well, you aren't with your family, so you might as well have a fun weekend with your friends from school. Get out of the typical school environment and travel somewhere. Go to the nearest mall or movie theatre, drive somewhere nearby if you have a car. The change of scenery will be very nice and will make you ease your homesickness for a little bit.

5. Get involved on campus more. 

Since you are already at school, you might as well get more involved in the community while you are there. One way of getting involved is if your school has greek life, get involved in a sorority or fraternity. The more people you meet at school, and also keeping busy will help ease the fact that you miss home. You will also look back at your time in college with more success.

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