5 Ways Grimm Changed My Life

With its 6th season on the way, NBC's fictional occult detective TV series "Grimm" has become one of my favorite shows. Although I am only half way through season 3, I pray that this show never ends! When I turn on my TV, "Grimm" is usually my first choice. However, in my everyday affairs, with or without my TV, "Grimm" somehow manages to makes its own woge in my life. Here are the 5 ways it has:

1. Believing Wesen are Real!

No matter where I go now, everywhere it feels like I am seeing wesen. Because of this show, I can never look at people the same again. I take one look, and immediately I seriously ponder what type of wesen or parahuman you might be. Wesen are creatures, just like you and me, who may appear human, but underneath the surface, their true natural identity lies which are only visible to grimms. Even in ancient Egyptian art, the gods were depicted with animal-like features greatly resembling wesen. It also makes sense that some famous historical figures are wesen, such that Hitler was a Blutbad, Napoleon Bonaparte was a steinadler, and even Henry David Thoreau may have been a wildermann. With some of the coolest vesen being El Cucuy, Musai, Krampus, and Gluhenvolk, which wesen are you?

2. Restoring my love for Apothecary!

Rosalee's Exotic Spice & Tea Shop has got more pzazz and twists to it than the pharma labs off the NJ Turnpike. No matter how bad a disaster can get, there seems to always be an antidote that Rosalee can concoct in her spice shop. Featuring an array of herbs, spices, and teas that can help, heal, or harm an individual, her shop also caters to the wesen community as a sort of wesen clinic. Rosalee's antidotes have always been there to help save the day! Let us hope that if they make a theme park for Grimm as Orlando studios made one for Harry Potter, maybe Rosalee can help us all find an antidote.

3. Regaining faith in true love!

After practically a whole season of Juliette forgetting all her memories of Nick thanks to Adalind's devious revenge on him, Nick suffered patiently as he laboriously waited for her to regain her memories of him. Once she did, I wept tears of long awaited joy as their relationship became stronger than ever, especially now that Juliette knows and awesomely accepts Nick being a grimm and the existence of wesen. Don't forget when Monroe proposed to Rosalee and then stood up to his parents to fight for their love and for them to be together; I think even my heart shed a few tears. I wonder how their baby will look. Despite all the serious kick-butt blood-and-guts action this show has, it can be doubly romantic.

4. Motivation to become a Polyglot!

Seriously, how many languages does Capt. Sean Renard, the half-zauberbeist hot exiled royal bastard prince, speak? English, French, Latin, Russian, German, and even some Greek. I have wanted to speak many languages since I studied French in High School. However, Sean just gives me that extra push needed to really learn words like до свида́ния (do svidánija) which is goodbye in Russian or brutum fulmen which is a harmless or empty threat in Latin, literally meaning "senseless thunderbolt."

5. Grimm Weapons, 'nuff said!

Passed down through the generations, this cabinet stocked full of Grimm weapons have been used by Nick's ancestors, The Dēcapitāre (Lat. "one who decapitates"), to kill evil wesen and protect normal humans from the unseeable nearby threat. Although my personal favorite is the hand cross bow and the giant quadruple barrel shotgun used to kill that giant siegbarste, I would never actually use them. Still, I would love to have an awesome weapons collection like Nick!

With 3 more seasons for me to watch, I hope that this show continues to make more inspiring and kick-ass episodes that one day I will share with my future children. Last but not least, Detective Hank Griffin, Sergeant Wu, and veterinarian Juliette deserve some honorable mentions for being such bosses about everything. I hope that one day, despite negative criticism, I make some wesen friends like Monroe, Rosalee, and Bud (if they truly are real) and that my future true love is a grimm! With one episode of Grimm, your life will be changed for the best too!

P.s. I <3 GRIMM!!

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