Trying to create a home away from is difficult when you have to start over in a whole new place. College is difficult as it is, but coming to a place where you know no one and everything that you are used to is no longer there makes everything a little harder to adjust to.

Dealing with homesickness is something every student has to deal with, here are five ways you can deal with yours:

1. Keep Pictures of Your Family and Friends

This one seems obvious, but having pictures allows you to create a part of your home that you are used to. Having pictures of people that remind you of back home allows you to keep on pushing for every struggle or adversity you continue to have in college. Your family misses you as much as you miss them, but you both understand that college is a significant part of your life that allows you to grow and start creating a life of your own. So no matter how homesick you feel, know that your family is not going anywhere and they are constantly cheering you on.

2. Distract Yourself With Work And Clubs

By joining clubs and immersing yourself with work, you begin to get used to college life and start getting used to your surroundings. The more you learn about your surroundings, the better you begin to feel. Finding a place at college where you begin to feel where you belong allows the feelings of homesickness to go away.

3. Create A New Family At College

Being thrown into an environment where you know absolutely no one can seem overwhelming and makes you gravitate to going home even more, but once you force yourself to put yourself out there and meet new people, you begin to form relationships and bonds with people that make you value staying at college.

4. Go Home When You Get The Chance

This does not mean that you go home with every opportunity you get. It is important that you sometimes that you stay at college on the weekends so you have the ability to get used to your surroundings, but going home sometimes is necessary when you are continuously missing your family and friends. Going home every now and then allows you to miss them a little less.

5. Give It Time and Have Faith

Every person goes through every situation differently and it takes time for some people to adjust to a whole new life compared to others. Once you make the initiatives to make new friends, join new clubs, and create new memories, you will start considering college your new home.

Life at college can get extremely rough, but once you get into the swing of things and stay positive you begin to realize the feelings of homesickness begin to fade away.