If you're anything like me, your 2019 resolution to live a healthier lifestyle may not be off to a great start. Staying healthy in college is definitely not easy. With classes, assignments, and trying to maintain a social life, it is hard to stay active. Making time for the gym, or finding healthy meal options on campus may be hard, but it is definitely not impossible. Here are 5 ways to stay healthy in college!

1. Make a schedule

Time management is crucial in college. You will feel much more organized when you make a schedule, and find time to go to the gym.

2. Find a gym buddy

Finding a gym buddy can make working out much more fun. Find a friend who will workout with you regularly, and who will force you to go (even though you would much rather eat ice cream and watch Netflix).

3. Make a dorm workout routine

You don't always need to go the gym to work out. If you're anything like me and are too lazy to walk to the gym, finding exercises to do in your dorm room is super easy and convenient!

4. Get healthy snacks 

Keeping snacks in your room can be dangerous, but finding healthy alternatives to your favorite snacks is a great way to stay healthy. Trader Joe's has so many healthy snack that aren't just good for you, but they taste good too!

5. Know your food options

Ladies and gentlemen, the Freshmen 15 is very real. Knowing what healthy options are served in the dining halls is crucial to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. While it is OK to have a cheat day (or two), it is important to know what good healthy options are available to you.