5 Unique Jewelry Pieces For Every Season

5 Unique Jewelry Pieces For Every Season

Pair this stunning jewelry with any outfit to instantly look chic, sophisticated and edgy.

Girls, let's be honest – aren't you tired of always wearing the same old boring bracelets, locket necklaces and stack rings at the mall? And always buying them in hoards once they land in the 50 percent off, buy-one-get-one-free rack? It's time to treat yourself to something new, something flashy and fantastic while still subdued and classy.

Starting with your palms up, say hello to your edgy new bling!

1. Palm Cuff

Jennifer Lawrence wore this very same diamond-encrusted gold cuff at her "Hunger Games: Catching Fire" movie premiere in Italy. While this particular statement piece is a whopping $21,050, you can find your own fabulous (and affordable) palm cuff for $12 or less on Etsy. This bit of unexpected bling scintillates a cool, collected vibe that pairs well with any outfit – casual or formal.

2. Arm Harness

Paired with thigh harness jewelry, arm harnesses are a perfect mix of peek-a-boo and stunning when it comes to making a bejeweled statement. They aren't clunky like bracelets or clanky like earrings. An arm harness instantly spices up any maxi dress with a glint of its chain, and luckily, it comes in various geometric forms to mix and match with patterns! Snag your first for less than $2 at AliExpress.

3. Body Chain

This trend was a big hit during the summer, but who says you can't sport body chains all year long? Throw on a casual one-shade shirt or dress, and slip a body chain over it to level up your ensemble from plain to posh. Forever 21 is clearing out its collection at a starting price of $6.90, so if you're looking for a steal this winter, then that's one sale you won't want to miss!

4. Shoulder Chain

If you want to look polished and ornately embellished all at once, spend as little as $1.15 to purchase a shoulder chain piece on eBay. Pull this look off once, and you'll feel like a queen for life. People will marvel at the sight of this piece wherever you go, whether it's paired with a black sweater for an office party or shimmering over a low-cut dress at the ball.

5. Long Chain Choker

This necklace gives you the best of both worlds: jaw-dropping length to give the illusion of a longer neck and a casual curve around the back to pull the look together. Unfortunately, this darling piece is hard to find. An easier alternative to get the look would involve the layering technique – pairing one choker with a single, long-chain necklace. Throw in a couple more necklaces, and you'll effortlessly appear boho chic.

Mix and match all these jewelry trends to find your perfect look for this season!

Cover Image Credit: Andino

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8 Tips for Clear Skin in 2018

Clear, glowy, skin isn't just for magazines - it's easy and attainable, and for you too!

1. Drink lots and lots and lots of water

This is the most important one. Drinking water and having healthy, clear skin go hand in hand. To regulate your body and skin, drink a glass of water for every glass of soda/alcohol/tea that you drink. At a restaurant, order your drink of choice and a water, and don’t get a refill until you’ve drank the water as well.

2. Wash your hands before washing your face!!

This may seem minor, but can really make a quick difference in your skin. If you wash your face with your hands/fingers, without washing your hands first, you are pushing around the oil, dirt, and germs from your fingers all around your face. It’s really gross when you think about it. Wash your hands with a gentle, unscented soap, and then use your fingers/hands to wash your face and apply moisturizers/serums/creams.

3. Exfoliate.

Finding a gentle exfoliating primer and using it daily will help your pores from getting clogged with the dirt, makeup, oil, and bacteria of everyday life. Put a pea sized amount on your fingertips, (AFTER you wash your hands), and scrub your T-zone. Wash off with warm water or your favorite cleanser. *****This will be especially beneficial after using a black head strip or a charcoal cleanser, that way the blackheads and clogged pores are gone and stay that way!

4. Cleanse your face.

Cleanse your face. Don’t just wash it off with warm water and a hand towel. Find a cleanser that works for you, and use that either with your fingers or a tool and scrub your entire face, then rinse with warm water and PAT dry with a towel, both in the morning and at night. In the morning, you have to get the oil, creams, etc., off your face before moisturizing/applying cosmetics, and at night, you have the oil/makeup off your face before your nightly skincare routine. If you have uneven skin tones, find a cleanser that combats redness/dark circles/age spot/etc. If you have acne prone skin, find one that combats the acne.

5. Take your makeup off before bed!!!!!!!

I cannot stress this one enough. Leaving your makeup on overnight will cause it to seep into your pores, thus causing blackheads and acne. Even if you don’t want to do your entire skincare routine before bed, at least take a makeup wipe to your face to let your skin breathe.

6. Moisturize.

This is almost as important as drinking a lot of water! Moisturizing not only moisturizes your skin, but helps balance the oils on your face as well. It can also help to prime and prep your face for the day, or to calm and relax your face before you go to bed. It is imperative for every skin type to moisturize. For dry skin types, cream moisturizers will be the most beneficial. Cream moisturizers should help with flaky, peeling skin. For oily skin, gel moisturizers are a life saver. I personally have oily skin, and for years I thought that moisturizing would just make my face even more oily, until I discovered gel moisturizers! During the day, either alone or underneath your makeup, it keeps the oil at bay. A great gel moisturizer is Tarte’s dose of H20 gel moisturizer. (A more affordable one is Garnier's Skin Active Gel Moisturizer, but if you can get Tarte's, I would recommend it. It lasts for a long time!!) For combination skin, it is probably a good idea to have both a cream-based moisturizer and a gel-based one on hand, so that both can be used appropriately depending on what side of the spectrum your face is on that day. (Or, if you have dry patches and oily patches, the gel moisturizer should do the trick all over.)

7. Use a serum before bed.

Due to my oily skin, I also stayed far away from serums for years. Then, I learned what types of oils were good for oily skin, and now, I won’t go to bed without my favorite serums. Above is a list that should be helpful to finding which type of oils would be good for your skin! (Pixi has great, affordable serums!!!)

8. Massage your serums, creams, and moisturizers into your skin before bed.

This may seem kind of silly, but taking a minute to really massage and press your skin care routine into your skin will make a difference in the long run.

Bonus tip!!!

If you are able to, invest in a Clairsonic!!!! I had the Mia 2 for about two years, and I now have the Smart Pro version. They are my skin care best friend!! I don’t go anywhere without my Clairsonic, and I would recommend it to absolutely anyone. While they are a little pricey, they have a lifetime warranty, and they make inexpensive skin care products work like high-end luxury ones. It washes your face 6x deeper than your fingers can, and honestly, your skin feels clean and tight after using it even one time. There are also brush heads that are makeup brushes, that can be used to blend foundation, concealer, contour, and any of your favorite liquid/cream products!

If you have questions about your skin, any products mentioned, products that may work for you, etc., please contact me at lrbeauty1198@gmail.com . I will be more than happy to answer them!!

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The Best Of The Best: My Favorite Make Up

Products that I have found work the best for me.

To give a little background, I am an aspiring make up artist on the side. I would love to have it as a second job or hobby when I gain enough skills to but I constantly work at it and get better. With that being said, I am always trying different makeup products to find what works best for myself but also what would work best for others as well because no one has the same combination of different eyelashes, lip shapes, and skin texture/hydration. For me personally, I have combination skin where my t-zone is oily and the rest is as dry as the Sahara desert. My eyelashes are on the shorter side and tend to not have much of a curl. I also have more of a full lip then others. I have green eyes. This information is important to help understand this list of my favorite make up products.

1. Primer: Benefit Porefessional

2. Foundation: Maybelline Fit Me Dewy

3. Concealer: NYX HD

4. Setting Powder: Coty Airspun in Translucent

5. Bronzer: Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer

6. Highlighter: Colourpop Super Shock Highlighter

7. Eyebrow: Benefit

8. Eyeshadow Palette: Too Faced Peach Palette

9. Eyeliner: Stilla all day

10. Mascara: Benefit Roller Lash

11. Setting Spray: Urban Decay All Nighter

Cover Image Credit: Freestocks.org

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