On every college campus, there are a variety of different people, each one with a different lifestyle. However, for some reason, we all assume that their lives are just so much more put together than ours. That one girl probably works out every day, that one probably does all her work two weeks before it's due, and I know that one gets up at 7 a.m. every day. These are assumptions that every girl makes, but most of the time is wrong. No one is really that put together, but we are still always going to strive to be "that" girl.

Here are five types of girls that every college girl wants to be, but most of the time just isn't.

And that is OK.

The Early Riser


Every girl in college has made the resolution to start getting up before noon every day, but is that really a reasonable expectation? Being a girl is hard, we need our sleep! I mean, we could try going to bed at a reasonable hour... yeah nevermind.

The Planner


In every college classroom, the desks are covered by personalized Lily Pulitzer planners that seem to be filled with endless tasks, all perfectly color-coded by event and time. However, we all know that we just write tasks we have already done just to have something to cross out. You do it too, don't try to deny it.

The Fitness Guru


"I'm going to go to the gym every day this week!" "OK, maybe just two or three times." "Ehhh, maybe I'll start next week!" "Next month is my month for sure!"

The Preparer


Showing up to class having read every bit of reading assigned? Not waiting until the last minute to write that essay? Submitting assignments earlier than five minutes before the due date? Yeah, never heard of those things.

The Fashionista


We all know that one girl that always looks so cute, and we swear next week we will start being that girl. Or the next week. Or the next. You know, leggings and a hoodie are just too comfortable to give up.

We all what to be these "types of girls," but if getting up at noon and waiting until the last minute is your thing, then be that girl.