5 Tips The Baby Boomer Generation Wish You Knew

Growing up, your parents have a lot to say. Unfortunately, a lot of that goes in one ear and out the other. These five tips have come to be proven true every time, and can really help you along the way.

1. Stop airing your 'dirty laundry' on Facebook.

Updating your Facebook friends about your mom's surgery won't cause a Facebook fight either.

2. A job interview should always be a professional event...even if it is McDonald's.

Dress up, bring a resume, and remember to say, ma'am or sir. Dressing professionally indicates that you're planning to take the job serious and that you're willing to put in some effort for the position. It might not land you the job right off the bat, but it'll start you off with a good impression.

3. Always respect your elders.

This one is a personal pet peeve of mine. I babysit and kids these days can get bossy. I actually watch a five-year-old that puts his finger in my face and tries to tell me what to do. So realize that your opinion isn't the same as your professor's, employer's, or even parents on occasion, it's still never okay to disrespect any of them.

4. Stop caring about what others think of you.

While I was in high school, my dad begged and preached that I shouldn't care what others thought about me. I always thought what I looked like or how well I did as an athlete was my "identity". I didn't understand that the popular girls' #ootd obsession was shallow and a year or two later those same girls will wear oversized shirts and not an ounce of makeup most days. If you take one thing out of this, remember this tip.

I WISH I would have listened to my dad in high school.

5. Don't nickel and dime yourself.

Sonic drinks, convenient store stops, and any other stop that makes you swipe your debit card for less than five dollars add up quickly. When you spend even three bucks a day, every day, that's still $21 that week just on fountain drinks. Finances suck right?

These aren't the answers to get rich quick or even solve the world's biggest problems, but hopefully, they bring some solutions and peace to your own life.

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