5 Indisputable Tips To Relieve Stress During Finals Week

Finals week is among us, my friends. This time of the year can get pretty stressful for students as they crowd the library until 2 am. Personally, when stress overcomes me, I tend to lose my train of thought and my brain is a big, jumbled, and unorganized mess. It can be hard to take a step back with the hundreds of deadlines, but I've come up with five ways to make it through these last few weeks of the semester strong and motivated.

1. Make a List

Now, this is something super simple and easy to do. I myself wasn't a huge list person until I got to college, but the difference it makes can be huge! It's essential to be taking care of your body and mind before anything, so just take 10 minutes at the beginning of your busy, exam-filled week to write out everything from working out to studying at the library to maintain these crazy last few weeks of the semester.

2. Drop the Socials

Ahhh, social media: the perfect way to procrastinate. I think we all know the routine of rewarding yourself with 30 minutes of social media after completing one math problem. It's become part of our generation's natural instinct to always feel connected through a screen. I struggled with this particularly in high school and have gotten a bit better in college, but there's still room for improvement. One way I reduce this screen time is by shutting off notifications. This way, you don't feel obligated to check every single notification that comes in; or, if you're feeling like making a bold move, challenge yourself to a week of being social media free!

3. Find Time to Move

While studying in the library for hours on end may be essential this week, make sure that you find time to get up and move! One thing I love to take advantage of is the workout classes offered at Iowa State. You don't, by any means, have to get an intense workout in either. It could be as easy as walking to class rather than taking the bus, or asking a friend to take a study break to go grab a bite to eat!

4. Be Aware of What Goes into Your Body

Speaking of grabbing a bite to eat, energizing your body with good food is what will get you through this week. I by no means suggest going on a diet or cutting out certain foods, but just be consciously aware of what you're fueling your body with. Happy body, happy mind.

5. Alone Time

One big change for me coming into college was losing alone time. This isn't for everyone, but take a minute or two this week to check in with yourself or use it to do something to take your mind off of studying! Take this as a time to recenter yourself by doing something you enjoy. For me, it usually consists of reading a book or catching up with my favorite creator's blogs!

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