More often than not, I've forgotten something. It's hard to keep track when there's so much going on between school, internships, jobs and (if you're lucky enough to have time) your social life. If you're anything like me, then time management has never been something that comes naturally. I reached out on social media to find out what others are doing to manage their time and here are some of the top tips I found.

1. Keep a planner or calendar.

"Keep a planner, and follow it!" -- Sarah Annaloro

"Stay well organized, and use a planner or a white board or calendar." -- Stephanie Kenneway

Visualizing tasks on a calendar make it much easier to remember and plan out your responsibilities.

2. Write it down (all of it).

"I write everything down. As soon as it pops into my head, it probably on paper thirty seconds later. It helps me to not forget and if I have a slam packed day, it helps me not forgot anything so I can space my time accordingly." -- Kristin Tabor

We all have those moments where we remember something we absolutely have to do. So take a second to write it down so you can see it on paper.

3. Similarly, make lists.

"Make a list and see if there are tasks you can start and leave such as doing laundry and then do another task on the list while you are waiting for the first task to finish." -- Rosalie Calarco

Lists are good for those who aren't necessarily the planner / calendar type. Seeing all the tasks at once can help organize the order to do them in. Something as simple as a daily, weekly or long-term to-do list can make a huge difference. Just don't lose it!

4. Don't be afraid to say, "No."

"Don't make promises you can't keep. If you have a full schedule, then don't try to fit one more thing in just to please someone. See if it can be done later or by someone else." -- Jill Martin

Personally, I have a really hard time saying "no" to others. It's natural to want to make them happy and help them out, but remember your priorities and don't spread yourself too thin.

5. And if all else fails...

"Don't make more than one thing to do per day. If possible, and here's the best plan, then do nothing. Just sit on the beach." -- Chris Sullivan

This is my all-time favorite time management tip.

Hopefully as we head towards August and the new school year, some of these tips will help you out!