5 Thoughts Every Floridian Has In The Cold Weather

Over the last week, it has progressively gotten colder which means it is officially fall in Florida. Well, at least the closest we will get to fall in Florida. Now if you are from Florida, you know we don't handle the cold well. On a typical day, here are a few things you might hear a Floridian say when faced against the cold.

1. "I guess I need to find my jackets now."

You know you live in Florida when you have to frantically search for a jacket before going out in the morning. After all, it's been months since you had to drag your jackets out of the back of your closet.

2. "Can I go back inside?"

As Floridians, we are used to hanging inside to avoid the heat. Now it's all about hanging inside to avoid the cold.

3. "70 degrees?! Why is it so cold?"

For anyone out of state, 70 degrees probably comes at a pleasant temperature; but, as someone not used to anything below 90 degrees, I am freezing.

4. "I hate the cold."

This can be seen all over Snapchat as soon as it gets chilly outside and is typically attached to a photo of the weekly weather.

5. "It wasn't this hot this morning." 

In typical fashion, the weather we start the day with is much different than the weather at the end of the day. This means that you need to be prepared for anything and that layers are your best friend.

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