10 Things You Absolutely Need To Survive College In Florida

Going to college in Florida may seem like all fun in games "Wahoo summer all year long!!!!" yes, I totally feel that but let me tell you there are some harsh realities to it. Ok, let me rephrase that, totally not harsh just major first world problems.

So, if you are ready to brave a daily monsoon in Florida, and cure your killer hangover at the same time let me dish you some of the 10 most important things you need to go to survive school here:

1. Rain Gear x10

Rain boots, raincoat, and obviously an umbrella. If you don't have these items good luck, every day at around 3pm there is a literal monsoon. If you can afford a kayak that may be beneficial in getting to class as well!

2. Strong af sunscreen

This is not a myth when that UV index goes up you need 55+ sunscreen or consider yourself sun poisoned! If you aren't going to listen to your mom about this one at least listen to me.

3. A big a** waterbottle

This sounds cliche and boring but for real it's hot and humid here you better keep hydrated or you might have a man down situation. Seriously I can't go anywhere without a big a** water bottle.

4. Hater Blockers

It's always sunny here so obviously sunglasses are key, but a major key is mirrored ones so you can stroll campus and literally block out all the haters.

5. The Uber App

Even if you have a car living and going to school in Florida requires the Uber App. Truly you will find yourself Ubering everywhere.

6. F*ckboy outfits

Calling all males if you plan on even being close to "cool" you better have your f*ckboy outfits up to par. Luckily, all that consists of is a Hawaiian shirt and your favorite cliche basketball jersey!

7. A. Fake. ID.

Ugh, I hate to even have to say this but it's true you need it. That's all I'll say.



9. Pedialyte

May it always be in your fridge. Florida colleges are no joke. If you're coming here to party, you're coming to the right state.

10. Weather-confused outfits

Be prepared to be weather confused AF! I swear to you on a 60 degree day you will see girls in leggings and Ugg boots.

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