5 Things You Learn From Sitting In An Airport Terminal
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5 Things You Learn From Sitting In An Airport Terminal

You gotta pass the time somehow.

5 Things You Learn From Sitting In An Airport Terminal

So anyone who has flown before knows the struggle of having longer than a hour layover and just how long and monotonous it can be. It's bad enough having to be on a plane for hours on end and then having to sit in between flights can be even worse. You're surrounded with overpriced food, crowded terminals and are still probably waiting for your ears to pop from your last landing. Trust me, I know these struggles, I'm actually currently writing this article while I'm waiting on my three hour layover, oh the irony. I hope you all enjoy my top five terminal time passing experiences.

5. The random stories the people sitting next to you tell you.

Hearing the different experiences that people have been through over the years is not only a great way to pass some time, but you can also learn some very powerful life lessons. I've some stories that were just as crazy like how this one time, this gentleman was telling me about the time he went skydiving and his parachute was malfunctioning and the person he was attached to somehow landed to land them in a near by lake to help soften the fall. While others of times, I've heard stories about people's families and have even been told that I reminded this one guy of his daughter which he was flying to visit and we ended up having a solid hour conversation about her.

4. When bags are left unattended..

Never and I repeat never leave your bag unattended in an airport. I know it is posted everywhere and repeated like constantly over the intercom, but people still seem to just leave backpacks and suitcase laying around like they are at home. This one time I witnessed someone leave their backpack at the gate I was sitting at waiting for my flight and this guy out of nowhere come out and just go through her stuff and take anything that interested him, then zipped it right back up and continued on walking like nothing happened. Of course myself and a few people that were sitting next to me reported it to an official, but that just another life lesson that there are rules for a reason and sadly you just can't trust everyone now a days.

3. Flying international is an experience in its self.

I had the opportunity to visit Australia a few years back and I was so excited since this would have been my first time leaving the country. All my flights were going pretty smoothly and I successfully made my way to the Los Angeles airport where I would then board a plane for Brisbane, Australia. Not only did I have a six hour layover in the airport but also a 12 1/2 hour flight to Australia. Through the long flight, huge double decker plane and terrible airplane meals, going international is an adventure and a half, but once you get to where you are going, it is so worth all the little troubles.

2. Making an angry boarding attendant angrier, DOESN'T HELP A THING!

I will never and I mean never understand why people think yelling at the boarding attendant is going to help anything. First off, it is not their fault with what boarding order you have or how long it takes for you to get on the plane. They can only go so fast and do the best they can with getting all the tickets scanned and all the people through. Second, when you are asked to check a bag because of a full flight, don't argue. What are you going to need from your bag for an hour flight? You will have your bag back before you know it, so just check it on and let the line keep going, enough said.

1. If you complain enough you get free stuff.

I have experienced this first hand haha. I was sitting in the Baltimore Airport and they have complementary wifi that only works half the time you are on it or when it does work, it was extremely slow and basically useless. So I so tweeted about how crappy the wifi and ended up getting a reply back from the internet service that runs their wifi and they gave me an access code for free high speed internet for a hour in exchange for my poor experience with the wifi. Moral of the story: if you are ever unhappy, just express your opinion and the worst thing you can get something for free.

So we all love traveling and experiencing new places and mark off another city from our endless travel list, so layovers are just a minor price to pay. People watching isn't always terrible, you can learn some valuable lessons from the mistakes of others. Next time your sitting in an endless layover instead of sleeping or thinking how terrible life is, check out the people around you and see what fun you can make out of it, you never know who you'll meet

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