5 Things You Know All Too Well If You Grew Up In Buford, GA

Buford, Georgia is a fairly small town in Gwinnett County. If you grew up here, you probably know these things all too well.

1. Skate Country

If you weren't here on Friday nights in middle school, you were "uncool". It was the biggest hang out spot for all the middle schoolers.

2. Mall of Georgia

Now, you don't necessarily have to have grown up in Buford to have been here before, but it was definitely a hot spot when I was in high school. If you grew up in Gwinnett in general, you probably found yourself most weekends.

3. The Mill Creek-Buford rivalry.

Okay now only people who lived in Buford and went to school there or went to Mill Creek would really understand this high school football rivalry. It was always the BIGGEST game of the season when these two played each other.

4. Everyone knows everyone.

Buford is the kind of city where everyone kind of knows everyone. Growing up here, I found that it is a lot smaller than I ever knew and so is this world.

5. There isn't much to do

Growing up in Buford, you quickly learn that you available options for fun are very limited. There isn't too much to do around there after a couple years of living there.

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