We love our best friends, that's why they're our best friends. And though we should tell them every day that we love them, we may not always fully express how grateful we are for them. So here are 5 things you should thank your best friends for today.

1. Staying in when we don't want to go out.

What a huge sacrifice! Our friends are risking large amounts of FOMO and fun times for us. Bless them for being willing to put on some sweat pants and watch movies with us instead.

2. Going out when we don't want to stay in.

You get the gist here.

3. Not judging us for eating crappy food.

We simply cannot thank them enough for not pointing out that we're cheating on our diet for the third day this week at Taco Bell

4. Being proud of our accomplishments (big and small)

When we're too old to have our parents cheering us on every step of the way, and our teachers no longer give us a gold star for anything it's nice to have people who are proud of us for the little things. "You got your eyeliner perfect!" "You passed that test you thought you were gonna fail!" Friends remind us that we aren't completely failing at life.

5. Being our family

From eating dinner with us to dropping us off at class, our pals become our mom, dad, and siblings. It's good to have people in our lives that love us unconditionally.

Share this with your best friends as a way of saying "thanks for being my best friend."