Now that school is out, there are so many things to do with your free time. Sometimes summer can be hard for college students because they no longer have friends available right down the hallway. Even though planning might be hard, pick out several days with your friends to try these different adventures.

1. Go to local Happy Hours.

My friends and I just turned 21, so we are just getting into the bars and more importantly, Happy Hour. I’m looking forward to my high school friends returning from college, so that we can go explore. I’m hoping to go to the local bars first, and then start branching out to suburbs closer to the city. I think it’s a great idea because there are always new bars to explore. Who doesn’t love discounted food and alcohol either?

2. Take a spontaneous trip to the beach or the mountains.

Depending on where you live and personal preference, you can take a trip to the beach or the mountains. It has been so cold for the last several months that the first day in the 70s, I immediately thought of just taking a trip to the beach. It was completely out of the blue, but I felt like I needed sometime outdoors to get out of the lazy feeling.

3. Make a playlist and go for a drive.

I haven’t tried this yet, but I want to make a playlist and then go for a drive. Once the playlist runs out, I want to go to the nearest restaurant or attraction. It should be the first thing that you see once you finish the playlist. The playlist should be about 30 minutes so that it takes you out of the area where you live.

4. Go to a drive-in.

Hopefully, there is a drive-in that’s close to you because they are awesome. The one near me does double features Thursday, Friday, and Saturday for $10, and the food is just as cheap. I usually arrive early with my friends so that we can pick a good spot and then relax before the movie. I suggest taking a SUV so that the trunk can be used for the seating. I always love putting blankets and pillows in the trunk to make it extra comfortable.

5. Break out the board games.

I think a board game night would be an awesome way to hangout with friends. Get a couple of drinks and prepare for a long, competitive night. I always try to vary the types of games that we will be playing from card games to simple games like Sorry. It’s always funny to see how competitive and in to the game everyone gets once they start playing.