5 Things Twins Are Tired Of Hearing

5 Things Twins Are Tired Of Hearing

So does one of you feel it if the other gets hurt?

Being a twin can be a great thing. You always have someone there next to you, and even if you can't stand each other one minute, you're more than likely each other's best friend the rest of the time. However, being a twin does make things interesting and usually prompts people to ask you both series of questions. Here are a couple of questions I'm so tired of hearing.

1. "Where's your other half?"

First of all, no, second of all no, and third of all, no. This really irritates me because I'm a full person. I don't need my twin to be with me all the time to be complete, even though, I'll admit, it is odd for us to be apart.

2. Referring to both of you as the "Twins"

Again, just because we're together it doesn't mean we have to be grouped together. You wouldn't say "Hey Friends!" to two people that are walking around being friends. No, you would refer to them by name.

3. "So does one of you feel it if the other one gets hurt?"

Wouldn't that be a science miracle? No, Twins don't have that kind of telepathy, so even if it's just meant as a joke, we've probably heard it about a million times. Just assumed from now on if you ask that question, the answer will always be no.

4. "Do you guys ever switch places and try to trick people?"

Okay, yeah I'll admit, this might be a viable question for paternal twins, but as a fraternal twin, I find myself shaking my head at this question a lot. How could I even begin to try to trick someone considering me and my twin look nothing alike?

5. "Are you guys paternal or fraternal?"

Okay, I can admit that not everyone knows their twin trivia, but come on. If anything just think back to everyone's favorite twins, Ashley and Mary-Kate Olson. It's a well-known fact that they are, in fact, paternal. So next time you want to ask, use your context clues, and if you don't see someone identical to the person you're talking to, just assume they're fraternal.

So, for all my fellow twins out there I feel your pain, so whenever these questions get to irriating for you, just turn to your wombie and have a laugh, because let's be real, no one gets you quite like your twin.

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My Sister Thinks I'm Her Idol, But She Doesn't Realize She's Actually Mine

To my big sister, my role model, and my angel.

My big sister Gianna is 22 years old, but you’d never know because she’s 4’8” and wears a children size shoe!

Gianna was born with Down Syndrome, but in her case, it should be called “UP” Syndrome. She goes through every moment of every day with the most contagious smile on her face and a positive mindset. Don’t try to catch up with her too early though, G is NOT a morning person!

Anyone who knows Gianna would say that whenever they’re around her they feel like the most beautiful, amazing person on the planet. She never fails to tell you how “smokin’” you look or send you a random text telling you to have “the best day ever” and to remind you how much she loves you.

But don’t worry, she doesn’t forget about herself! My sister’s confidence shines so brightly. She can walk into any room and completely captivate a crowd. People with special needs naturally tend to draw the attention of strangers, but Gianna’s strong sense of confidence and fearlessness makes it especially hard for anyone not to smile when they’re around her.

Even though I’m the little sister, Gianna has always looked up to me as her big sister. She takes direction from me, looks to me for answers and advice, and takes after my actions and ideas.

She would rather hang around my friends and me than her own. I think part of this comes from her level of functionality, as my family and I were blessed with how high functioning she is. She loves being involved in the conversation, laughing at all of our crazy college stories, though I’m sure she longs to be right there with us.

Gianna sees me as her idol, but what she doesn’t realize is she’s actually mine.

On my eighteenth birthday, Gianna and I got matching tattoos. Being the strongest person I know, G didn’t even flinch at the needle marking her skin.

Ever since I was a little girl and realized that my sister was special, I have always considered her to be the angel that came into my life. I always thought God put her into MY life for a reason.

When I was about sixteen, I came across a quote that inspired me for the angel wing tattoos on our wrists:

"So God sent these angels, to teach all of us here; That these heroes unsung have lessons to share."

Having special needs is often looked at as a disadvantage. And in a lot of ways, it can be. But the lessons that Gianna teaches me every day are ones that you can’t learn from the textbooks, your peers, or even your parents. She has never let her disability hold her back.

The disadvantages that Gianna has, such as not being able to drive a car, she turns into “hey- I’m the lucky one here, I’ll always have a chauffeur!”

Or instead of dwelling on the fact that she can’t be away at college and living on her own like her little sister, she chooses to live vicariously through me, turning her curiosity into excitement and happiness for me.

She says I teach her things, like how to straighten her hair or apply mascara. But she teaches me so much more than that.

She teaches me not to judge, to go through every day with a smile, and to turn every day into “the best day ever." She teaches me not to sweat the small stuff, as she would say, “it ain’t nothin’ but a thing.”

And that is why she’s my idol. Thank you for teaching me your beautiful outlook on life and thank you for making me the proudest “little big” sister ever.

Cover Image Credit: Lou Giambalvo (my dad)

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To The 3-Month-Old Who Has Changed My Life Forever

You are the sweetest boy I've ever held, and the purest love I've ever felt.

This past summer, I spent my days rebelling against every aspect of my life (I used the excuse that I was celebratory over finally becoming an adult, even though I was acting like anything but). I was angry with the world for how it had treated me thus far in my eighteen years of life, and I no longer wished to tolerate it.

I decided that if the world was going to make me feel like there was no possibility of a Heaven, I was going to prove there was a Hell.

In return, I did everything I wasn’t supposed to, and ignored every family member I shouldn’t have. I knew I was disappointing most, and I didn’t need to be reminded of it. The only thing that mattered was myself and the entirety of the flourishing future I had before me--or so I thought.

The spiraling of madness and mayhem continued to manifest until one fateful summer day when I finally visited my mother after avoiding her for months. She looked well, but I could tell she was anxious about something by the way she gripped the arms of her chair and the stirring stare she held with my eyes. My wonders were answered when my mother managed to sputter from her paled lips…

“You’re going to be a big sister.”

Instantly my heart stopped, and I could feel myself crash back on the ground after feeling like I could fly for weeks.

At forty years old, she was just as shocked as me.

I’ve heard those words of announcement twice prior but never once did I ever imagine I’d hear it once more.

But wow, am I so thankful I did.

As much as I hate to admit it, you have turned me soft and compassionate, a stark contrast to the bitterness I shivered from before. The seething anger I once had towards everything has simmered to a satisfaction, because how could I ever hate the same world that gave me you?

While I didn’t get the chance to grow up with you, I instead get to support your growth and guide you to become the kind-hearted young man I know you’ll be one day. The best part? I have front-row seats that I don’t plan on trading for the world.

Although you can’t talk or do much but wiggle and smile little guy, you have taught me more things about life and love than anyone else.

You are the reason I smile, after years of only a frown.

You are the reason I hug my mom, after years of only “hello.”

You are the reason I feel peace, after years of only a war.

But most importantly, you are the reason that I will never give up no matter how ugly my world becomes, for I know I’ll forever have a sweet little boy to remind me of its beauty.

Cover Image Credit: Cassie Thorson

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