Being a twin can be a great thing. You always have someone there next to you, and even if you can't stand each other one minute, you're more than likely each other's best friend the rest of the time. However, being a twin does make things interesting and usually prompts people to ask you both series of questions. Here are a couple of questions I'm so tired of hearing.

1. "Where's your other half?"

First of all, no, second of all no, and third of all, no. This really irritates me because I'm a full person. I don't need my twin to be with me all the time to be complete, even though, I'll admit, it is odd for us to be apart.

2. Referring to both of you as the "Twins"

Again, just because we're together it doesn't mean we have to be grouped together. You wouldn't say "Hey Friends!" to two people that are walking around being friends. No, you would refer to them by name.

3. "So does one of you feel it if the other one gets hurt?"

Wouldn't that be a science miracle? No, Twins don't have that kind of telepathy, so even if it's just meant as a joke, we've probably heard it about a million times. Just assumed from now on if you ask that question, the answer will always be no.

4. "Do you guys ever switch places and try to trick people?"

Okay, yeah I'll admit, this might be a viable question for paternal twins, but as a fraternal twin, I find myself shaking my head at this question a lot. How could I even begin to try to trick someone considering me and my twin look nothing alike?

5. "Are you guys paternal or fraternal?"

Okay, I can admit that not everyone knows their twin trivia, but come on. If anything just think back to everyone's favorite twins, Ashley and Mary-Kate Olson. It's a well-known fact that they are, in fact, paternal. So next time you want to ask, use your context clues, and if you don't see someone identical to the person you're talking to, just assume they're fraternal.

So, for all my fellow twins out there I feel your pain, so whenever these questions get to irriating for you, just turn to your wombie and have a laugh, because let's be real, no one gets you quite like your twin.