5 Things To Tell Yourself Every Day So You Can Live A Non-Toxic Life

5 Things To Tell Yourself Every Day So You Can Live A Non-Toxic Life

Sometimes you just need to take a step back and try to better your mental health.

Life can be a lot sometimes. We deal with a million things at once, juggle social lives with academic and workplace responsibilities, and try to be the best we can be at everything, all while trying to take care of ourselves mentally. It's incredibly hard to balance, and I would honestly say it's borderline impossible to actually find that perfect balance. That being said, here are five things to keep telling yourself so you can try to live a non-toxic life.

1. Your peace of mind has to come first.

Let go of every single little thing that keeps you up at night, anything that interrupts a good night's sleep. Whether that's your best friend since birth betraying you, that stupid mistake you made when you were drunk, something you can't forgive yourself for, the stress of trying to be perfect, that friendship that's one-sided. Whether it's a circumstance or an individual, cut it off.

2. You don't need to be friends with everyone.

People are important to us. Interaction is necessary for us as a human race. However, people are big influences in your lives, especially the people you surround yourself with. Learn to find that balance of "You don't have to be liked by everyone" and "You can't live a life isolated by yourself." If they don't mind or matter, why are they still in your life? Keep your friendships important.

3. You know best what is good for you.

Whether it's the people in your life, the movies you watch, the food you eat, the career path you choose, the activities you're involved in, or whatever else, it's all your choice. Even if it doesn't seem that way. There are always external factors of life that we just can't control, but that's life. You may not be able to control some things, but you can always control your reaction to them.

4. Do what you want to do.

Go out and accomplish the dreams you want to achieve. Get away from things that bother you. Fill your life more with things that are good for you, and evacuate your life of things that are not. Do something about the situation you're in. Do something.

5. Only open your life to things that are healthy for you.

The minute you come into an interaction with something, you know if it's right and healthy or if it should be avoided. The signs are there, and they're bright, reflective, and obvious. You just have to look at them and acknowledge them. You're not stupid, you're just emotional, and you can see them.

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The Art Of Staying Calm Isn't A Waste Of Time

We live in such a fast-paced society that taking a break is often viewed as a waste of time.

We have all been there – those situations that make you want to fly off the handle. The ones that stress you out to no end and leave you shaking your head and wondering if the struggle you’re going through is even worth it. When those moments happen, it can be very difficult to stay calm and evaluate the situation.

I have times where I just want to fall to the floor because it seems like I'm in a losing battle with the mountain of work I have to do.

When those moments happen, it is important to remember the art of staying calm.

Sometimes it is important to remove yourself from the situation that is stressing you out so you can evaluate it and come back with fresh eyes and a fresh mind. It is always more difficult to solve a problem if you continue looking at it in the same way forever.

It can feel like when those moments come there is nothing you can do to destress or solve the problem, but the key to solving the problem is de-stressing.

We live in such a fast-paced society that people are often looked down upon for taking time for themselves to collect their thoughts and assess a situation, but those who do this are often the most successful.

It can be incredibly difficult to take time off. Many don’t view taking a break and coming back later as an option. In many situations though, it is the best option.

Of course, if there is a time-sensitive issue it can be incredibly difficult to take the time to carefully evaluate it, but I have the unpopular opinion that taking a break is often one of the only ways to fix whatever the issue is.

If I am having trouble writing, or with a math problem or even if I’ve just gotten into a disagreement with someone, I try to remove myself from the situation for a little bit.

Stepping back and taking time to yourself is often viewed negatively.

If you aren’t stressed to the max all of the time then sometimes it can feel as though you aren’t doing all that you can do, or you aren’t doing as much as everyone else is.

That is not the case, though. People who take breaks are often more productive than those who do not because they are able to step back and look at a situation differently.

Many people believe that taking a break is a waste of time, but it has been proven that those who take breaks may have a boost in their performance.

Not all breaks are created equal, though. Venting about a problem to a coworker and trying to hype back up with caffeine have been shown to cause more fatigue because they do not address the underlying issue of fatigue.

Next time you’re feeling stressed and overwhelmed, instead of staying on task, maybe meditate, take a walk, play a game or even learn something new.

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Tips to choose the best Mattress Firmness

How to Choose a Mattress

What is mattress firmness?

It is a fact that there are thousands of options available now when it comes to a mattress and it is hard to decide which bed to choose that can provide you comfort and suits all your necessities.Comfort plays a significant role when we concern about mattress firmness, they vary from very soft to very firm beds. The firmness level can be decided based on some simple factors.

How to measure the firmness of a mattress:

There are many brands supplying or manufacturing mattress in a different category. Some brand label the mattress firmness in ratings from 1-10 and some as universal comfortable. As the people’s shapes and sizes differ from one person to other, the single firmness approach cannot suit all the people. And it is a great task to satisfy everyone by manufacturing a single universal comfortable mattress. 

There are usually three different firmness levels:

• Soft• Medium and• FirmThe mattress firmness mainly depends on the top layer of the bed but when we observe all well-made mattress are manufactured with an excellent underlying support system and ignoring about the uppermost layer of the bed. People usually see the initial feel of a bed, how firm or soft the bed is only matters first.Deciding on which firmness is best for you relay on your personal preferences whether you need a soft or firm mattress. 

What you need to consider when choosing a firm mattress for you:

• The position of the spine:Spine alignment is very important if you want to experience a comfortable sleep. The mattress should support your body pressure points such as your hips, legs, and shoulders when you sleep on the mattress. Your body needs to naturally relax on the surface on which you are sleeping such that all your muscles and total body can have a comfortable long sleep. In whatever position you are sleeping the bed should get adjusted such that your spin is in a straight line.• The posture of your body:The sleeping posture of your body is interlinked with the fitness firmness level. When you sleep you keep changing your position sometimes, you sleep on your back and sometimes sides, front depending on your comfort. So the mattress should exert correct amount of pressure on the specific points depending on your position.

Different types of mattress and their firmness levels:

The firmness level can be determined by the type of material used in the bed, their design, quality, measurements, etc. below you can know about the different types of mattress and their range of firmness.

  • Traditional innerspring: the traditional innerspring mattress comes with different firmness levels. The firmness depends on the number of coils used inside the bed, their shape, weight, and material used. Pillow top mattress is an example they are made with innerspring and are famous for the softness and comfort they offer.
  • Latex: Foam, soft cushion and rubber materials are used in Latex mattress to offer a more comfortable and relaxed sleep. You can experience a bounce back feel when you sleep on it. Its firmness is excellent for the people with high BMI and people who sleep on their stomach.
  • Memory foam: these beds have visco-elastic nature and consist of polyurethane foam. The heat is adjusted depending on the pressure applied on its surface and also gets in tune with its original shape within seconds. The firmness depends on the ILD`s rating and the number of layers used to manufacture it. The best tri fold memory foam mattress is also very good for all.
  • Airbeds: these beds are filled with air to adjust the firmness automatically. They have a long lifespan and offer more support.

Lastly: You can easily choose the right mattress that best fits you once you know the firmness level. 

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