5 Things To Never Tell Education Majors
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Student Life

5 Things To Never Tell Education Majors

Yes, we do get offended by these.

5 Things To Never Tell Education Majors

Please stop telling us things we already know or don't want to hear.

You're program isn't that hard.

Have you ever written a 21 page lesson plan that included homemade worksheets??

You know you aren't going to make a lot of money.

"insert eye roll here"

You can't complain, you get summers off.

Yes but we also have to spend all summer reviewing new state standards, going to professional development days, and planning for our new classes.

Managing a class isn't that hard.

Talk to me after you try to get 20-35 14 year olds to focus for an hour.

You have to many pens.

Never hate on the colored pens....ever

You don't need to worry about your room theme.

Yes I do because it matters to me.

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