5 Things To Do When You're Home For Spring Break

Spring break is now less than a month away. By now you probably know where you are going, whether that be on a vacation to a new place or back home for the week. For those of you going home, you might be dreading going back. If you are, here are a few ideas of things you can do to entertain yourself during the week.

1. Hangout with your family.

Spring break is a great time to hangout with your family. Being away at college makes it hard to see your family at times, especially if you go to college out of state.

2. Sleep.

Personally, I am the most excited to sleep in during spring break. I can't wait to hop into my bed and sleep the week away.

3. Catch up with your friends.

Spring break is a great time to catch up with your friends who might be home from college too.

4. Enjoy a home cooked meal.

Another great part about going home for spring break is enjoying a home-cooked meal. Being a college student means you probably don't get a lot of home-cooked meals. Over the break, you get to enjoy not having to cook for yourself or simply enjoying a meal that didn't come straight from the microwave.

5. Do something fun locally.

Depending on where you live this will vary for you. Personally, I live near a beach so going to the beach is a great way to enjoy my time at home and away from school. Now if you don't live near the beach, you could always visit a town near yours or even go to the movies.

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