5 Things To Clean Out Of Your Closet Right Now

We're deep into the dogs days of summer and you probably could not be more bored. Unless your life is super fun and adventurous, then kudos to you! If you're looking for something to do that will not only cure your summer boredom but also help you feel like you've got your sh*t together, keep reading.

Here are five things that you should be cleaning out of your closet right this very second. And, no, you don't have to stop at five. In fact, I encourage you to keep going to at least ten.

1. Old t-shirts that you wear to bed

Do you really still need your eighth grade field day t-shirt? The Yankees shirt that your dad bought you when you were twelve? The free t-shirt you got from attending a mandatory event for Greek Week last year at college? No. You. Don't. And don't even think for a second that you want them for sentimental value, unless any of those aforementioned items bring a legitimate tear to your eye. Only keep the t-shirts that you truly love and wear all the time. Make sure that you aren't hoarding zillions because you know that you're always too lazy to do laundry so "it's a good idea to keep a bunch of old t-shirts just in case you run out". Give them to Goodwill.

2. Sweatshirts 

The same goes for sweatshirts. Get rid of sweatshirts with holes in them, your ex-boyfriend's football sweatshirt you stole, and ones you got at college bookstores from schools you visited to but didn't end up going to. Give your friend back the sweatshirt you borrowed last year when the air conditioning was on too high at her house. Stop hoarding sweatshirts, because I know you always come back to that one (I didn't say which one, but one came into your mind, didn't it?).

3. Going out tops that you never wear

Going out tops tend to all look the same. Black cropped tank tops go with everything. Buy a few of those and give away/donate the others that you have that you always think you'll wear next Saturday night to the bars but will last minute change out of. There are only so many years of your life you can spend sporting crops tops before your metabolism and age get the best of you, so hoarding those random ones you bought from Tilly's a few years ago will probably never be worn if you don't get rid of them now.

4. Socks/Underwear/Bras/Bralettes 

GET RID OF THOSE LACY BRALETTES FROM URBAN OUTFITTERS THAT WERE POPULAR IN THE EIGHTH GRADE! Please. I beg. They may have been cute then but I think the female population has exhausted the look of the plain white V-neck white a lacy pink halter bralette peeking out. Buy better real bras, or better yet, don't wear one! It's 2019 ladies and gents! In addition, get rid of your aztec socks and cat socks from Forever 21 you purchased with your Christmas money in middle school. Any of the items that fit under the "intimates" category that you have simply outgrown must be discarded or donated (please use common sense with this one, like, hey, don't donate your underwear)!

5. Anything you haven't worn in the last five years 

You know that top you always look at in your drawer, only for you to quickly pass it up for that same white shirt you always choose instead? We all have that top, or sundress, or fancy black dress we said we'd wear to this event but ended up wearing to no event in the past half-decade. Sell or donate the items that fit under this category. They're not doing you or your closet any favors.

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