5 Things 'The Ferg' At UA Needs NOW

5 Things 'The Ferg' At UA Needs NOW

"I would spend every dining dollar I have on McDonald’s fries."

If you have been a student for any time at all at The University of Alabama you know The Ferg (The Ferguson Center) is a hub of student activity. While we have a lot of variety as is, I can think of 5 things that I would add to The Ferg to make my days on campus a little more enjoyable.

1. A McDonald's

I would spend every dining dollar I get on McDonald’s fries

2. Refill stations for Coke products

Pepsi is already covered but for Coke, you have to sneak it from Subway or wait for CFA to notice you and get you a refill.

3. Nap rooms

on days when I have to stay on campus for long periods of time but have large breaks nap rooms would be awesome

4. One person tables

I always feel bad taking up a table by myself, especially during lunch when everyone needs a seat.

5. More plugs!!!!

I try to keep my devices charged, but some days I’m on 20% by 10 a.m. and it seems like there are 3 tables close enough to plugs to use.

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10 Things Every College Student Needs To Hear

Supporting us is so underrated.

1. “You Got This!”

2. “It’s okay to take a break.”

From that paper that is due in a couple days. From that paper that is due at 11:59 tonight. From those 3 chapters that need to be read by Wednesday. TAKE A BREAK.

3. “I’m here if you need me. Like, for real.”

People seem to throw this around for fun, but every college student needs at least one person to ACTUALLY mean it. Even if they don’t take you up on it, they need to hear it.

4. “That really sucks.”

Sometimes trying to make everything better, all the freaking time, is annoying. College students want people to understand that sometimes things just REALLY SUCK. And that’s okay. It won’t suck forever.

5. "We'll celebrate this weekend."

YOU DO NOT NEED A REASON TO CELEBRATE. Getting through the week and actually going to all your classes is reason alone to celebrate. Having something to look forward to can make each class go a little bit faster.


College is hard. College students try even harder. Grades don’t always reflect how hard you’re actually trying, so having someone tell you that you’re amazing anyways is great and needed.

7. “It will be there tomorrow.”

Homework will be there, whether you do it or you don’t. Looking at the same problems or sentences can be counterproductive if you do it too long. Mental health, physical health, and happiness are all MUCH more important.

8. “Are you okay?"

This is pretty self-explanatory. People don’t genuinely ask or care often enough. It never hurts to ask someone if they are alright.

9. “I love you.”

College has a habit of putting a damper on the mood. College students, and people in general, need love. Love everybody. It changes everything.

10. “You are so much more than your grades, GPA, and any other score that they give you.”

C’s get degrees. Your GPA won’t matter unless you want to go to grad school. Even if you are going to grad school, those scores won’t matter later on. What matters? Your health. Your sanity. How you lived your life.

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To The Girl Who Doesn't Have It All Figured Out

Your life should not follow someone else's timeline.

Life is tough, especially in your early to mid-20s. You feel like you are supposed to have it all figured out; who you are, your career, your life goals.

You see the girl getting married to her high school sweetheart at 20. You see the girl starting her family and having her first child at 21. Or maybe, you see the girl getting her Bachelor’s degree and beginning her Master’s at 22.

You spend hours fantasizing about a life you want, and it seems that everyone except you has it all together. You keep trying to plan ahead and set goals, but planning seems to be all you can do; you feel stuck and almost hopeless.

But that is okay. We aren’t supposed to have it all figured out. We aren’t supposed to know exactly where we will be five or ten years down the road. Take life at your own pace. Take it slow. Live in the moment now.

Work that part-time job that helps make your car payment and pay rent. Stay up late studying for those exams that seem nearly impossible. Spend Friday nights lying in bed watching Netflix eating a bowl of cereal or spend it out with your friends.

One day, you will have it figured out. You’ll have the career, the husband, the kids, the dream home. Good things take time. Growth and maturity is a process that does not happen overnight. Set your goals, follow the Lord, and do what makes yourself happy.

“Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.” Matthew 6:34

Cover Image Credit: everypixel.com

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