If you have been a student for any time at all at The University of Alabama you know The Ferg (The Ferguson Center) is a hub of student activity. While we have a lot of variety as is, I can think of 5 things that I would add to The Ferg to make my days on campus a little more enjoyable.

1. A McDonald's

I would spend every dining dollar I get on McDonald’s fries

2. Refill stations for Coke products

Pepsi is already covered but for Coke, you have to sneak it from Subway or wait for CFA to notice you and get you a refill.

3. Nap rooms

on days when I have to stay on campus for long periods of time but have large breaks nap rooms would be awesome

4. One person tables

I always feel bad taking up a table by myself, especially during lunch when everyone needs a seat.

5. More plugs!!!!

I try to keep my devices charged, but some days I’m on 20% by 10 a.m. and it seems like there are 3 tables close enough to plugs to use.