5 Things I Miss While Away At College

5 Things I Miss While Away At College

You did not realize you would, but you certainly do.


In August, I packed up and crossed the bridge from Cape Cod to the rest of Massachusetts. After an hour, I arrived at my new home, Curry College. I felt a myriad of emotions. I was nervous, but mostly excited. I knew I was going to miss my family, my best friends, and of course my cats; however, I did not realize the small aspects that I would miss.

1.The ocean.

Growing up on Cape Cod, the beach was my second home. Whether it be spending the day sunbathing and swimming or just simply driving to the coast after a really long day to unwind, the ocean was always there. It did not matter if it was summer or winter because there was always a reason to end up by the ocean- even after blizzard conditions because a beautiful sunset always follows a snow storm. The ocean is always in sight, whether you are at the beach or just driving up a hill on the main road and can catch a glimpse. As I unpacked in my dorm room, I realized the ocean was no longer two minutes down the road. Needless to say, the beach was the first place I stopped upon returning home.

2. Driving.

I was never the biggest fan of driving and I do not really no why, but I just was not. I took driving for granted because this year I am not allowed to have a car on campus and I miss being able to just get up and go. For the past two years, I had driven myself to school and it just seemed mundane; however, the ability to just hop in the car and go where ever you want disappears when you no longer have access to a car. When I got home, the first thing I did was hop in the car and drive. There is nothing like taking a ride and just jamming out.

3. Real coffee.

College students basically live off of coffee, but just because you always see them with a cup of the dining hall’s coffee does not mean they are enjoying it. The coffee served in the dining hall is not the best, but when you are on your way to an 8:00am exam, you are desperate. The first stop off campus always has to be Dunkin Donuts or Starbucks for a cup of that iced coffee you missed oh so much.

4. Breakfast.

I have officially been in college for six weeks, and I can honestly say the only time I have eaten a real breakfast was during Welcome Weekend. This semester I have an 8:30 class every day and I most certainly am not walking to the dining hall before that. Occasionally, I will grab a granola bar on my way out, but that is rare. I did not eat breakfast a lot throughout high school, but I did more than in college. Also, going out to breakfast on weekends was a common occurrence with me and my friends. Not being able to go to a small cafe for french toast and iced coffee once and awhile with my best friends makes me miss home.

5. Spontaneous adventures with your best friends.

This year is a lot different than the past four in that your best friends are no longer by your side. They could be a few miles away at another college, they could be across the country, or they could even be abroad. They are no longer 30 seconds down the road and you do not see them every day at school. Prior to leaving for school, my best friends and I would spontaneously go on little adventures around Cape Cod, and sometimes we even bought last minute concert tickets.Now if we want to visit our friends, we have to plan weeks in advance. You cannot just get up and drive to their house when you want to go grab food. You have to wait until you are both on winter or spring break before you can even consider these trips. It would even be hard to just surprise them at their school because everyone is so busy now. After being inseparable for year, you are separated and there is nothing you can do about it.

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