5 Things Millennials Need To Know Before Investing In The Stock Market

5 Things Millennials Need To Know Before Investing In The Stock Market

Here are some of the most important things for Millennials to know before they invest in stocks.

1. Choose the right brokerage service.

Before the era of internet, people needed to open an account with a brokerage and find brokers to invest in the stock market; however, people can invest thorough online brokerage services nowadays. There are hundreds of online brokerages out there and they all have different advantages and disadvantages. For example, “A” brokerage may not charge any transaction fees but will charge a monthly service fee, and “B” brokerage could charge you with a 5 dollars transaction fee every time you open or close a position. Therefore, it is important for the young investors to choose the right brokerage service that suits their investing habits.

2. Do not invest all your money into one single stock

It is very risky to invest all the money you have into one single stock. Stock itself is risky and unstable, even Warren Buffet can not predict the future of a stock. By investing all your money into a single stock, you could lose all your money very quickly, but you could also gain huge benefits of the stock soars.

3. Pay your taxes

Young investors often forget that they need to pay taxes for capital gains. The taxes are usually 15 percent of your gains; however, you can claim your losses if your losses are more than your earnings. Keep in mind that receiving dividends and owning fast-growing stocks also affect your tax paying, but your brokerage will help you with the tax matters.

4. Get ready to research

Investing in the companies you know is always the best option; however, doing deep research before you put your money in the market is highly recommended. Say you really like company “A” and you are using their products daily -- but what makes a stock grow is not about how well you know about their products. You should read the company’s related news and study their earnings report before you make any moves, because a famous company does not make it a growing company, and a growing company does not mean it is profiting company.

5. Don’t be stressed

Be prepared to the worst situation, and only invest the money you currently do not need. It is okay if your stock goes down, which is completely normal. If a stock keeps climbing everyday with no break at all, that is not normal. Last but not the least, we are millennials and we have the brightest future waiting ahead; at this point, investing in the stock market is only the first try.

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Make Your Interview Stand Out Amongst The Crowd

Be memorable. Be unique. Be yourself.

I had the opportunity to speak with two Marketing Agencies in my hometown of Traverse City, Michigan. "Up North," for those who haven't heard of it before. With as much competition for jobs as there is, and for those who are on the brink of graduation, but nothing is set in stone, this will be for you.

Green Light Marketing:

In the marketing world, your typical day is never "typical." It is filled with multi-tasking and excitement that comes from working on life-changing projects. No, you aren't literally saving a life, but you are in charge of money and trust that cannot be brought back. It is your one chance.

Green Light Marketing utilizes all forms of media, from digital/social to traditional. You'll be thrown into tasks that include pitching, strategy, year-end planning, budgeting, design, creative briefs and so much more.

Creative director Kevin Gillespie had quite a lot of insight to bring to the table. When it comes to time management it is a vital tool. Do not apply for jobs after graduation, you will NOT be considered. It not only shows that you didn't plan properly, but it also shows your lack of drive. Do not get the name wrong of the place you are applying. If you email the company, or call or even do the interview follow up is IMPORTANT. Research the company. What kind of work do they do? Be prepared for the interview.

Bring up key details that are surprising. Find what will make you stand out from the rest. Get internships, join clubs that will enhance beyond the classroom. This not only shows that you have real world experience, but that you have used these opportunities to learn and grow. And finally, show why you need to be there. Do not look at the clock. It shows the employer you don't want to be there. Internships are meant to be a learning experience. If you don't know what you should be doing, just ask.

Flight Path Creative:

Flight Path was started by two founders Dan Smith and Aaron Swanker. They are a full-service marketing agency that is located in both Grand Rapids and Traverse City. I was able to speak with co-founder and creative director Aaron Swanker about his business. His job consists of a combination of account service, business development, sales, clients, and projects. When he looks for employees it is a combination of the "right fit," and experience.

The right fit being: does the person look like they will work well with the team and does their personality mesh well with company values. The job consists of a lot of time management skills, budgeting, and confidence in your work. Aaron's advice is when looking for a job, go above and beyond, even if you aren't making any money try to work from the field outside of the classroom, even if this is as simple as a logo design for a local non-profit. Be dedicated, be adventurous and finally plan AHEAD.

Graduating can be a freeing, scary, and a beautiful thing, life can take you in many different routes. But when it boils down to differentiating yourself from the competition,"show how you can stand out in a sea of sameness."-Kevin Gillespie

Cover Image Credit: Pexels

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