Yes, I am only a sophomore. Yes, I am aware that I have not experienced the rigors of medical school. However, with what experience I have had, I have discovered five things I absolutely do NOT like about being a pre-med student.

1. Organic Chemistry

Ughhhhhhhhhhhhh. The material is sometimes easy, sometimes odd, sometimes perplexing. Even when I did well in the class, I would find myself confusing certain reactions. E1? No, E2. SN2? No SN1. The class is a mess. Thanks, various chemists throughout the ages.

2. Studying

No brainer. I don't mind it. Heck, even if it's an all day thing. It's an all WEEK affair, however. I have to become intimate with my textbook, not with my friends. On the bright side, I can tell you the difference between ecdysozoa and lophotrochozoa.

3. Balancing Issues

School. Work. Extracurricular activities. Volunteering. Friends/Social life. A friend of mine currently in the medical field said that I need to learn how to integrate all of the facets of my existence. However, here I am, still trying to balance the myriad aspects of my life. Fun!

4. The MCAT

Woo! A large, seven hour test that can determine which of the schools I end up going to? Can't wait to take that next year!

5. Anxiety

This is the biggest thing that seems to consume me. Did I study enough? Am I doing enough? Can I find research before I begin filling out my application? Will I have enough volunteer hours? Will I make it? Can I make it? So many questions.

Not all of this can describe everyone else's experience, but it describes mine.