5 Things To Do During A Snow Day

Living in New England, we are all used to snowy winters. It is either an incredibly cold and snowy winter, or we get no snow at all. New England weather is unpredictable to say the least.

I remember in elementary school, I would sleep with the portable phone next to me in the hopes of that glorious phone call from the superintendent canceling school. I loved snow for that reason. When I began to drive, it became the bane of my existence. It would go from rain to snow, leaving a layer of ice under the snow. I hated it. I loved those calls even more because it meant I did not have to drive in it.

One winter, the week before February break was canceled because of frozen pipes bursting. At the time, it seemed fantastic; however, I soon got bored. Here is a list of things to do when you are snowed in!

1. Catch up on sleep.

Snow days are the perfect opportunity to sleep in or go back to bed. I will admit, it is wicked annoying when you get up and are getting ready and then they call to cancel school. Even if you cannot fall back asleep, it is the perfect opportunity to crawl back under the covers and relax.

2. Pinterest!

I am a big fan of DIY videos and Pinterest projects. I use days off to look at new videos or posts and look for ideas. DIY’s are a great, inexpensive way to spice up your room, or relax. I used a lot of DIY projects when decorating my dorm room this fall!

3. Read.

I have never been the person to set aside time for reading. I get super busy and it is the last thing on my mind. I always start a book on a snow day because there is the chance of a power outage. Growing up in a coastal town, storms generally came with a lot of wind that lead to power outages. Whether you never finished a book or you have a pile waiting to be read, this is a great opportunity to do that!

4. Netflix.

Netflix is in no means seasonal; however, snow days are the perfect excuse to binge watch your favorite show without being judged for the hours you spend inside doing so. My show last winter was Grey’s Anatomy, and this winter I started Gilmore Girls. Nothing is better than curling up with your laptop under blankets watching your favorite show.

5. Bake or cook.

Along with looking up projects, it is always fun to find a new recipe! I know just scrolling through my Facebook page, I probably share 2-3 cooking videos that I tell myself I am going to make. Now is the chance! If you have a feeling that you will be snowed in, go out a day or two before and gather the stuff to try new recipes!

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