The light at the end of the tunnel is finally near. For many college students, finals are about to wrap up. All the hours of incessant studying (or procrastination) are about to culminate in a week full of pain and misery. However, this does lead to an interesting question: what now? How are college students going to fill their time after so many months of using that time for school work? Here are five things college students should do after finishing finals.

5. Avoid Spoilers For The Last Jedi

After finishing the most stressful week of the semester, you'll definitely want to take it easy. The number one way to ruin this goal? Having the biggest movie event of the year spoiled for you. To prepare for the latest Star Wars movie, you might want to avoid social media (especially the YouTube comment section) until you actually see it.

4. Watch The Room Before Seeing Disaster Artist

I have made no secret that The Room is the ultimate "so bad, its good" movie. The making of this movie is so interesting, that movie about it (which is also based on a book written Mark himself, Greg Sestero) is generating huge Oscar buzz. Before seeing the critically acclaimed movie, I suggest you first watch the disaster-piece it was based off, since it makes the new movie all the more hilarious.

3. Celebrate Disney Buying Fox

Disney is continuing their quest to become the most powerful media empire of all time through their potential purchase of 21st Century Fox (which might be announced by the time this article is published). If you're a comic book nerd like me, you are excited about this move for one reason: The X-Men possibly joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Come on, don't tell me you wouldn't love to see Wolverine finally interacting with the likes of Captain America and Spider-Man on the silver screen.

2. Crank Up The Christmas Celebrations

When finals are finished, it means we can celebrate Christmas without being hindered by studies. So, after you finish your finals, turn up the Christmas movies and watch Christmas movies all day long.

1. Watch YouTube's Important Playlist

Personally, when I finish a period of strainous studying, I want nothing more than to just turn off my brain. If you're like me, there is no better way to accomplish this by looking at YouTube's Important Playlist (currently titled as Very Important Videos). The surreal nature of all 309 videos will provide a welcome break from cruel learning.