5 Things All Upperclassmen Should Do When Moving In

5 Things All Upperclassmen Should Do When Moving In

Are you an upperclassmen. Consider doing these things when you move into college this year!


As I move back into college this semester, I have had time to have had a whole year to reflect about my last year at school. This allows us all to grow and mature, so we can make the most use out of our four years at school. Here are five things that I am considering doing to help me make use out of my time here.

1. Give back- help the freshmen move in. 

Everyone remembers the first day they moved into college. That feeling of unsettlement because you don't know where anything is. When you go into the dining hall and realize that you know absolutely no one. I have had that feeling and I would assume most upperclassmen have as well. Since upperclassmen know that feeling, I feel that it is important to be able to help the freshmen to feel more comfortable in their new homes. A good way to do this is by joining the move in crew, and getting involved in the events that help the freshmen adjust to being at school. Even if you do not have the desire to get involved in anything, simply helping people find their classes, or just giving a helping hand to new students moving in will help wonders.

2. Join more clubs on campus. 

Personally, I feel like amongst getting used to campus freshmen year, there are many clubs that I did not join because I was too busy adjusting to being away from school. Therefore, a goal of mine is to become more involved in the clubs I am already in, and find more clubs to join as well. This way, I feel like I am getting to make the most of my time here. Even though some students may be fully content with not trying new things, joining another club would look good on resumes for future jobs as well.

3. Pack less when moving in. 

Every Freshman is stigmatized for bringing way too much stuff for their move up to college. I had so much stuff when I moved in, that I had to drive two separate cars up to college to move in. Therefore, as upper class-men, to save space in the small dorm rooms, a good idea is to bring less to school. Be honest, will you ever wear that floral dress that you wore to that wedding once? The answer is probably not.

4. Live close to the friends you already made at school. 

One way to start things up the way you ended them in the previous semester is by living close to your existing friends. Even though most of the living arrangements are already planned the semester before, make sure to plan ahead so that you and your friends either live with each-other or in the same hall as you. If that is not the case, most schools allow you to change what building you live in even after you have moved in, so definitely try contacting housing.

5. Change your meal plan for one that you know works for you. 

Freshmen year, there is no way to tell exactly how many meals a week you will need, because you are not even at school yet when you need to choose your meal plan. Therefore, most students end up paying for more meals than they actually use in a week. Therefore, when coming back to school, make sure to look at the meal plan options after you have been there and adjust it to one that works for you. Believe me, it will save you more money than you think.

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