5 Tattoos That Tattoo Artists Hate The Most
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5 Tattoos That Tattoo Artists Hate The Most

There are several cliche tattoos that tattoo artists are constantly asked to do.

5 Tattoos That Tattoo Artists Hate The Most
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The tattoo industry is huge, with millions of people paying for beautiful and unique works of art to don their bodies, willing to endure the pain of the craft for these adornments. Almost anything can be tattooed on a person, both good and bad. Tattoo artists are generally fine with tattooing most subjects in most places, but there are some things that tattoo artists absolutely hate to tattoo, from cliche ideas to inappropriate images to certain areas of the body. The following are five things that tattoo artists absolutely hate to tattoo.

1. Names.

A popular subject of many tattoo customers is a name tattoo. Many people like to honor loved ones and family through the inking of their name permanently on their body. The problem with this is that there is a large amount of people who think getting the tattoo of their significant other of only two-weeks is a good idea. When they end up breaking up with this person, they're stuck with a permanent reminder on their body. Tattoo artists aren't completely opposed to tattooing a name, but it's suggested that the name be something such as a parent or a sibling.

2. Infinity symbols.

Infinity symbols have become the new popular among many people, especially young women and men. They've become so popular in fact that most tattoo artists don't go a day without getting a request for one of these. Many people come into these shops with the same picture of the same symbol. The best option for someone wanting to get this popular tattoo is to come up with an original idea that may go with it, something that will make it unique that makes the tattoo personalized.

3. Anchors.

Another tattoo that every young person seems to be getting is anchor tattoos. Tattoo artists are inundated with requests for anchors and get them from a day to day basis. It's become commonplace for people to get simple anchor tattoos that look just like every other anchor tattoo. The best option for people who have their minds set on an anchor tattoo would be to come up with an original idea, maybe having the anchor filled with an image or have a loved one's name imbued in the rope around the anchor.

4. Mandalas.

Mandalas are beautiful and detailed religions symbols that come in many shapes and sizes as well as design. In religion the mandala is a representation of the universe, and is a very important symbol in such religions as Buddhism and Hinduism. Mandalas have become a very popular tattoo especially among young women. The problem with this is that many people are getting these tattoos without recognition or awareness of the religious implications. Although mandalas are absolutely gorgeous, it may not be a good idea to get a religious symbol tattooed on your body if you have no connection or awareness of the religious ideals that the symbol represents.

5. Feathers.

Feathers are commonly requested by people seeking tattoos and images of feather tattoos are abundant on such image sharing websites as Pinterest. Some artists have said that they've done as many as five feather tattoos, including feathers bursting into birds, in a week. It is a very common tattoo to see on someone and there's nothing too unique about just the image of a feather.

As nice as these tattoos are, they seem to be flooding the market of requested tattoos. Many people are getting them without having any real ideas to what their meaning is and are just getting cookie-cutter copies of tattoos other people have gotten. If you want to get one of these tattoos, it would be best to do something to the design to make it more unique and original. The most important thing is that you get a tattoo that you actually want and love and that you will be happy with for the rest of your life.

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