The 5 Stages of Returning to Your Home University

Now's the time for one of those run of the mill "Back to School" articles, but as you know by now I don't do "run of the mill." Plus, I believe I've been neglectful with the "5 Stages of" theme lately, so what better to talk about than transitioning back into your university in your home country?

1. Denial


You're just now realizing that in a week, you're not going to be boarding a plane back to London, but instead riding in a car to New Jersey. Maybe. Perhaps if you wish really hard, you'll be able to go back, but it sadly won't be the case. You still need to get that required film course that's only offered in the fall out of the way.

2. Anger


Yes, you'll get some independence back and get out of the monotony of home, but it's just not the same! It's New Jersey! In the suburbs! What on earth did you do with your free time last year?!

3. Bargaining


Maybe you could apply for next semester... Oh wait, no, it's a bit late for that, and maybe you might finish up your credits on time, and you still want to be able to go to graduation. Maybe you'll get a totally not crappy job that'll let you travel afterward? Maybe?

4. Depression


Who are you kidding? The economy's so crappy that it might be a while, maybe even like 50 years. You're going back, it's not going to be the same, you'll get all the classes done, and you'll fall into a different kind of monotony. Wah.

5. Acceptance


Well, there's something your small school has that your abroad school doesn't, and that's free laundry. There will be those wads that leave their stuff, but at least you don't have to walk a block and paying 14 bucks. Plus, Jersey has amazing diners, and some of your favorite snacks, not to mention you know people missed you. Maybe this year won't be so bad.

I suppose there's only one way to find out how this year is going to go. Just jump in and hope for the best.

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