5 Stages Of AP Exams

Oh AP exams, the bane of many students' lives right now. As exam season rolls around, millions of panicked high school students desperately attempt to cram a year's worth of information for a college level class into the brief month before exams. The stress levels are rising, everyone is just so ready for it all to be over.

1. Cramming

Ah, cramming. Sitting down with my AP review book, be it Princeton or Barrons or any other book, always really emphasizes the AP exam season feel. I have a 1000 page textbook condensed into 200-300 pages, which is relieving but also another kind of stress.

2. Panicking

Looking at all the work I need to finish, I realize that I really should have started studying at least a month ago.

3. The Night Before

You find yourself unable to sleep, tossing and turning, nervous the night before the big test.

4. Length Of Test

Lets face it, taking a three hour test is never fun. Taking a three hour test that determines if you're even going to get college credit for the course is even less fun.

5. The Day After

But the day after the exam is when you are truly free. Usually AP exams end a little before school ends, so it's essentially a free class until school ends.

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