5 Stages Of Grief Told By Gordon Ramsay

5 Stages Of Grief Told By Gordon Ramsay

It is always hard losing someone, so I like to lighten the mood and find some humor in things.

When you lose someone the pain can be hard. The pain also doesn't just go away – it stays with us for a long time. Then it's like our bodies go into different stages. The different stages of grief and to lighten the mood as told by Gordon Ramsey.

1. Denial

When I found out we had to put my dog down this week, I was in denial about it. I didn't think they were actually going through with it. Every minute went by and I keep thinking he was fine but in reality, he wasn't.

2. Anger

Whether you're angry at yourself or someone else. I was angry with myself, I wish I would have done more or been around more. I was made at the vets wishing they could have done more.

3. Bargaining

The normal reaction to feelings of helplessness and vulnerability is often a need to regain control. Thinking "If only?"

4. Depression

You WILL cry and not just for a little bit- it will feel like forever. It's like a river. You will want to listen to sad music and be alone, and that's okay for a bit. It's okay to be depressed.

5. Acceptance

Accepting the fact that they are are in a better place and it was their time to go. It's like a sigh of relief. The pain will go down and you will find happiness again. Just give it time.
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Short Stories On Odyssey: Roses

What's worth more than red roses?


Five years old and a bouquet of roses rested in her hands. The audience-- clapped away her performance, giving her a standing ovation. She's smiling then because everything made sense, her happiness as bright as the roses she held in her hands.

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