5 Signs You're Always Down To Eat Mor Chikin

There's nothing more delicious than the succulent taste of Chik-fil-A. Although fast food has a bad rap, true Chik-fil-A lovers everywhere are overpowered by this addiction and eat here as often as possible. Here are five signs you're addicted to Chik-fil-A.

1. You already know how much your meal will cost.

No need to wait for the cashier to tell you your order total, you already knew the cost of your purchase before walking in the door.

2.Debating on whether or not to buy an entire gallon of lemonade.

If we're being honest here, does anyone ever drink just a single cup? Better yet instead of a gallon, I need my own personal delivery of lemonade every day.

3. You think about getting Chik-fil-A at least once a day.

No matter how long has passed since you last ate it, Chik-fil-A always is an option.

4. When traveling you always map them out along the route.

How else can you survive the long road trips without stopping and fueling yourselves up with their food?

5. Sundays are the worst

The saying "You never know what you had until you lost it" finally has a real meaning to some. There's nothing worse than a craving on a Sunday. That only means you have to go Monday morning.
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