5 Shows I Hate To Love

When someone asks me what my favorite television show is, I'm embarrassed to tell them. Usually I lie and cover it up. I don't think anyone knows the true answer, until today, when I reveal my guilty pleasure television shows that are just so horrible, I can't help but watch them. Caution: spoilers.

1. Pretty Little Liars

I hate this show with every fiber of my being, and yet, I can tell you everything that happened in episode nineteen of season one (where Caleb and Hanna make out in the forest). I literally had spreadsheets hidden in my room when I was trying to decipher who A was (my money was on Wren). Don't judge me.

2. The Vampire Diaries

Another melodramatic teen drama about paranormal romance. How original. However, I did cry when Jo died and I've been Team Stelena all along. Caroline needed to end up with Klaus, but they gave him his own show, aptly named The Originals. Thank god this torture is ending in less than a month.

3. Once Upon a Time

I think the main reason why I love this show so much is because the main character's name is Emma, and every time Hook says something romantic to her, I pretend he's saying it to me. Yeah, I know. But there are times when I try to remember who a certain character is and why they have come back to Storybrooke, and I just can't. There are so many plot holes and lost storylines that I just don't know who these people are.

4. Glee

Disclaimer, I was not able to finish watching this show. I don't even know if it's still airing new episodes. I gave up because I just couldn't watch anymore of the drama. However, if you were to creep through my Facebook, all the way back to my late middle school and early high school years, you would have seen my obsessive posting about Glee.

5. Adventure Time

My brother and I used to watch this show all the time together. I do still indulge myself in an episode every now and then, and it's just so bad. It makes no sense. But at the same time, Tree Trunks is one of the sweetest characters of all time, Gunter is my spirit animal, and the episode where the stag is terrorizing Candy Kingdom (No One Can Hear You) still gives me nightmares. Just look at this and don't tell me it doesn't creep you out - because you would be lying!

Now that I've thoroughly embarrassed myself by revealing five of my favorite television shows (at least I don't watch The Bachelor), maybe next week I'll redeem myself and talk about five of the best shows I've ever seen.

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