4 Safe Things To Do In And Near The Champaign-Urbana Area Right Now
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4 Safe Things To Do In And Near The Champaign-Urbana Area Right Now

Recently, with new regulations and coronavirus spreading rapidly, it is hard to not feel cooped up in our houses and apartments. My roommates and I have been researching local outdoor activities to take part in on weekends when we don't have class that are safe and also fun!

Photo by: Olivia Abbott

Feel free to check these five activities out with hopes that you might feel less isolated from the outside world while the weather is still nice out!

1. Urbana's Market At The Square

Flower assortment at the Farmer's Market


Photo by: Olivia Abbott

This adorable little farmers market is located in the heart of Urbana's market square and is free admission! Venders selling fresh produce, homemade baked goods, flower assortments and herbs are lined up to offer you assistance with whatever you are looking for! Masks are required and it is very easy to keep your distance from others because of how big of a lot the market is spralled out on. They also have food truck venders like Just Bee Acai. This market is every Saturday so be sure to get there early to take full advantage of the day!


2. Harvest Moon Twin Drive in Movie Theatre

Drive-in Movie Theatre

Retro Drive-In


If you have access to a car, this drive-in movie theatre is about 35 minutes outside of the campus area located in Gibson City. This is definitely a cute date night spot to get away from campus to enjoy a throwback movie. The drive-in usually picks themes for the weekend like "Killer Ladies and Killer Cars" or "Sports Weekend". The outdoor theatre is open on both Friday and Sunday and the $7 cost of admission includes two back to back movies you can enjoy! They also have a lengthy snack-bar menu to satisfy your cravings as well as a burger barn selling real American style hot dogs, fries, burgers, deep fried mini donuts and funnel cake.


3. Curtis Orchard and Pumpkin Patch


Pumpkin Patch Halloween GIF


Tis' the start of the festive fall season with apple picking at the beautiful Curtis Orchard & Pumpkin Patch located in Champaign. Not only can you indulge in the Curtis Orchard's famous Apple donuts at your visit, but every weekend their is a new event or celebration to attend. This is also a perfect place for a little photo-op with friends in your favorite fall sweater with the insanely gorgeous back-drop of the apple orchards.


4. HARDY'S Reindeer Ranch

Corn Maize

Homer Simpson Episode 20 GIF


This is one of my favorite Halloween activities and a tradition I have been doing with my friends since freshman year. The HARDY'S Reindeer Ranch has one of the biggest most intricate corn maze challenges I have ever done. It has taken me up to three hours to solve even with ten other brains to help. This year, it will be an especially fun activity to do outside in the fall fresh weather with masks on. It is located in Rantoul, Illinois which is a small drive to get to from the Champaign area, but totally worth the trek.


Definitely check these places out on the weekends if you are looking for an escape with friends and get more information from the website links I provided!

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