5 Reminders To Help You When You're Struggling

5 Reminders To Help You When You're Struggling

Don't let anxiety and depression get the better of you.

As someone who has suffered with anxiety for my entire life and depression for several years, I know how easy it is to fall down what I call the "rabbit hole". This is when you let your mind take over your emotions. You seemingly lose control, and negativity taints every thought. Sometimes it feels impossible to get out of these rabbit holes. Therapy has helped me train my mind not to take the bait that depression dangles in front of your face to pull you down. However, there are times when I can't help it. I lose control, and find myself right back at the bottom of another hole. When we find ourselves in this position, it's too easy to forget some simple facts that may help break you from the toxic feelings that are infecting you. Here are five reminders that will hopefully assist you in pulling yourself back up.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-8255

1. Nobody else sees you the way you see yourself

We tend to see ourselves in a very negative light. We are our own worst enemy, always criticizing and nitpicking things we want to improve. Maybe you see yourself as ugly, or broken. I promise that nobody worthy of being in your life thinks this way of you. It's difficult to believe that someone sees you as beautiful when you've been telling yourself the opposite your whole life. We all have our flaws, and we fixate on them until they overshadow every wonderful thing about us. Perhaps your nose is a little crooked, or you have some extra fat on your stomach. This does not negate the fact that you're a human being with a beautiful mind, capable of dreaming, creating, and being.

2. What you're feeling is completely normal and valid

No, you're not crazy. We assume the worst when anything is 'wrong' with us, but it's simply not true. Many people before you have experienced the same feelings you are experiencing, and many people after you will, too. It's easy to feel isolated during bouts of anxiety, depression, etc. Just know that it is guaranteed that someone is going through the exact same thing.

3. You are worthy of love and happiness

This is something I have to constantly remind myself of. That voice in your head telling you that you deserve this agony is lying. You are a human, and you deserve as much love and happiness as everyone else. You did nothing to deserve this. You are one of a kind, and you belong here.

4. There will be good days again

This is not the end of the road. This is a bad day, and tomorrow has the opportunity to be better. It's difficult to be in the middle of a storm and convince yourself that you can make it to see the rainbow afterwards, but you can and you will. Healing is not linear. We are coping. There will be ups and downs, but you can get through them all.

5. Please stop abusing yourself

Be gentle with yourself. You're doing your best. Don't let your mind bully you. You can take control, it just takes patience and practice. There is always hope to get better, you have to let yourself get there first. I know you can do it.

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1. Gorilla legs.

It's not that we don't want to...okay, that was a lie. Every girl can agree that they only shave during bathing suit season when you're wearing a dress, or when you're gonna get it on. Basically, If she shaves her legs you're special.

2. When did I last wash this bra again?

We wear the same exact bra, for days, and weeks, and who knows for how long.

3. It's not just the bra's, it's the pants too.

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4. We don't wash our hair every day.

Because unwashed hair is the best styling hair. Also because looking good takes too much work.

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13. Looking at our panties and trying to figure out what came out.

Sometimes you just don't know for sure.

Cover Image Credit: Buzz Feed Blue

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Being Unapologetically Me Freed Myself From The Words 'I'm Sorry'

I don't have to be sorry and insecure for being who I am.

By nature, many of us are constantly saying and thinking "I'm sorry" for things we say and do throughout our daily lives. Many of us are living behind a wall of insecurities and apologetic living as an identity that doesn't represent us for who we really are because we're insecure with ourselves. "Unapologetic living" is powerful and freeing and so many of us are imprisoned to our insecurities and the words "I'm sorry."

Personally, I used to find myself constantly unsure and insecure of the things I'm doing and saying, chronically worrisome about what others were thinking of who I was. This created many problems within my own mind and within my relationships with friends and new people all the time. Recently, I was approached by someone who is supposed to be an "authority" figure in my life and I was told it wasn't their problem we had a problem, it was mine.

This "problem" they were talking about has bothered me relentlessly for almost a year and I had let it because I was so extremely worried about what this person thought of me, what I did and said, and how they perceived me compared to my other friends. I constantly was sorry, whether externally or internally, for how I acted and what I said because of my insecurity in who I was.

This person even approached my friends and told them "It's not my fault she's insecure" and they would be right, it isn't their fault I'm insecure in myself. But, my insecurities can't take all the blame for how I was treated by this person. And I think that is the most important thing I learned from this confrontation and year of struggling.

I don't have to be sorry and insecure for being who I am.

And even more so, I can't change how someone treats me but just because someone doesn't treat me the same as someone else doesn't mean my worth decreases or that I am inferior to that other person. I struggle with insecurity, a lot. But, hearing this person talk about my insecurities with myself in a way in which they acted like they understood really irked me and made me realize my insecurities are not and never again will be someone's power against me.

From that conversation on, I made it a point to not let my insecurities and apologies for being who I am be a major influencer in my life and my relationships with people. I found that living in constant fear and a space of inferiority of other people and their perceptions of me created an insane amount of stress on myself that was so unnecessary.

I challenge everyone, if any of this sounds familiar in any way, to free yourself from these insecurities and apologetic living and identity we live behind. Start living unapologetically and love every bit of yourself, become who you've always wanted to be and don't apologize once for it.

Cover Image Credit: Eva Gutowski / Instagram

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