5 Red Flags About Jed That Hannah Should Have Seen Coming

5 Red Flags About Jed That Hannah Should Have Seen Coming

While we were all focused on how terrible Luke was, no one noticed all of the things that Jed did wrong.

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This season of 'The Bachelorette' has certainly been a roller coaster. The season started with Hannah kicking Scott off for having a girlfriend back home, continued with the conceited saying ABC (Always Be Cam), and mostly revolved around Luke P. and his aggressive, possessive grip on Hannah's heart. While all of this drama made for an entertaining season, it distracted everyone from seeing Jed's true colors until the very end. His slightly strange manner went unnoticed until he was in the final four, and I won't deny that even I was rooting for him up until that point. However, looking back at the season, there were a few things that we all should have noticed about Jed before he took the final rose.

1. His obsession with his music career

Perhaps the most obvious problem with Jed was his desire to create a name for himself in the music industry. Normally, this type of desire would be attractive in a guy, but being on a reality TV show immediately brings up some concerns. He even admitted to Hannah that he went into the show with the intention of bringing attention to his music, which Hannah took as admirable honesty rather than seeing it as the red flag that it was.

2. His argumentative manner

Jed was a little too angry about all of the drama with Luke P., and while Luke had his issues, Jed should have minded his own business. A lot of the guys were obsessed with bringing Luke down, but Jed had the nerve to pull her aside during their time in Greece and make things totally awkward.

3. The rumors about his girlfriend

Even though fame sometimes brings false allocations, the excessive amount of people talking about Jed's "ex" girlfriend should have alerted us of something bigger going on. He supposedly broke up with her the day before he left for the Bachelorette, which says a thing or two about his loyalty. And how were we to be sure that he really ended things anyway?

4. His family's hesitation

When his family told Hannah that he wasn't ready for an engagement, it was obvious that the relationship wasn't going anywhere. All of the other men's families were warm and excited to meet her, and Jed's mom made Hannah feel like she was an intruder in their home. Even if she were able to look past his family's comments, I think she would have struggled getting over a family who couldn't accept her.

5. His lack of life goals

Every guy doesn't have to be aiming for millions, but Jed had no goals on how he wanted to support his life and raise his family. He was focused on his music career, but didn't have anything to fall back on if that didn't work. He was basically living off of his parents and probably hoping for a driven girl like Hannah to take care of him, which explains why he was able to stoop so low as to play with someone's heart just to gain popularity.

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