Growing up with older sisters is a blessing in disguise. The best word I could think of to describe the relationship between a younger brother and older sister would have to be "frenemies."

I'll explain why.

1. No one could make fun of you...except them.

Your older sister is your first and harshest critic but also your protector. Even at an early age, they would tease you about everything from intelligence, physical attributes to your taste in music.

But you best believe that if she heard someone she didn't know make fun of you, heads were going to roll.

2. They were constantly with you and against you.

Ironically, though, if they overheard one of your other siblings, parents, or girlfriend teasing you, they would jump in or be the first to laugh and agree with them in what would become a seemingly endless roast.

But when you guys teamed up on someone, you obliterated them. It was truly a dream team.

3. They were instigators and helped reconcile.

Snorting pepper at the restaurant. Convincing you to eat the laundry detergent by telling you it was sugar. "Bet you $10 you won't do it." Things along these lines seemed to be an all too common occurrence with your older sister and you either got you hurt or in trouble.

However, they knew how to stop you from doing something stupid.

Taking $20 from your mom's purse, throwing a party while mom and dad were on vacation, dating that one girl, getting back together with your ex. No matter what the stupid idea was. Your older sister just knew exactly what to do and say to prevent you from making major life mistakes.

4. They never wanted to hang out with you but got offended when you didn't invite them to something.

Now, not every little brother wants to specifically want to spend time with their older sister growing up but when that rare occurrence did come when you asked them if they wanted to eat something together the answer was usually no. Video games? Forget about it. Cops and robbers? Nope. Remember when she got her license, and you needed a ride..not today.

If you went to a concert or a game, or worse went somewhere with another sibling without telling them, poop hit the fan, and you probably haven't heard the end of it even until this day.

As we've gotten older, however, they're your go-to person now. Movies, that cool new sidewalk restaurant, and sporting events. Not to mention family events are utterly miserable without them now. It's a relationship that ages like wine.

5. They would throw you under the bus in a split second but take a bullet for you.

For some reason, you lived in a house where you were the only one who used dishes and left laundry in the hamper and pretty much anything that went wrong was immediately blamed on you. It was most likely because your older sister helped start that trend Your sister probably used you as an excuse for being late to school too. You would use every tactic in the book to convince your parents that it was her doing and not yours and even form the most logical of arguments like "I literally haven't been home in three couldn't have been me" and she would still get away with it...the master manipulator.

Nothing brought you closer together when you both messed up and had to face the consequences together. Sometimes you would get lucky, and she would take all the blame and to this day probably reminds you that you owe her one.

The little brother, big sister dynamic consists of logical opposites that seem become more polarized as time goes by. It is by far one of the strangest and unique friendships on this planet. It is so powerful that even the ancient Greeks philosophized about its form and virtue and reflected upon it in one of my favorite stories - Antigone. One of the lines that always stuck with me is when Antigone explains that the love for her brother and the grief she feels. This pain is much greater than any grief should ever feel than the loss of her child or her husband. She can always take another husband or have more children, but now that her parents had passed, she can never again have another brother, he is irreplaceable.

I feel the same way about my older sisters. They are irreplaceable. Although they made my life so challenging and frustrating at times, I was able to learn so much from them and tried my best to absorb their best attributes and make them my own. There is no one I love or respect more in this world, and I am grateful for everything they've taught me and could not imagine experiencing my childhood without them. I know time has pushed us to go our separate ways but it's comforting to know that in this crazy world, no matter how far they are, my worst/best friends will always be there for me.