Has it ever crossed your mind to becoming a vegan? Well last week I decided to make the decision to give up eating meat. The process has been hard but worth even for a person like me who can not turn down a taco. However I learned a few things from being vegan that helped me make the decision. I would like to share them with you even if you don't consider to give up an animal products but make you conscious.

1. Love animals then save them.

We all love animals but did you know that in the United States we eat more than 16 billion animals EACH YEAR, according to Peta. Don't forget than an average Vegan saves more than 100 animals a year.

2. You're not only helping animals but human beings too.

There millions of people around the world dying from hunger. For every 10 pounds of grain an animal eats it produces one pound of meat. Those grains being feed to an animal could help feed 60 million starving people.

3. You are also helping to save the planet.

Consuming meat does not help the earth much. The meat factories that process the meat creates large amounts of pollution. The pollution it releases is one of the biggest cause of climate change.

4. You become a healthier you.

Not only are you helping the world but you are also helping you. If you carry a vegan diet you are less likely to develop diabetes, heart diseases or high blood pressure than people who consume meat, according to the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

5. Also vegan food is delicious.

Carrying out a vegan diet does not mean you don't have give up on hamburgers, pizza and ice cream. There a tons of alternatives to your favorite food that don't involve killing or hurting an animal. Best of all the vegan recipes are easy and painless.