5 Reasons Why You Should Make A Gallery Wall

5 Reasons Why You Should Make A Gallery Wall

Get crafting, girl!

It's 2018, and people are becoming more obsessed with Pinterest. Everyone these days is into the whole DIY aesthetic to feel some type of artsy. People are also becoming more modern and like the idea of decorating their house, dorm, or even backyard. A big thing on Pinterest right now is a Gallery wall. At first, it's easy to judge and think, "What a dumb idea." Well, after you scroll through some ideas on Pinterest you will start to want to make one yourself. Below are the reasons why you should start a gallery wall.

1. It's fun

Next time you're bored on a Saturday afternoon, try finding a gallery wall you like from Pinterest and try to match it. Even just scrolling through Pinterest makes you in a creative mood.

2. It's inspiring

As you start to make your own gallery wall, you will become inspired. It's inspiring to hang quotes up on your wall that mean something to you. It will even put you in a good mood when you glance over at one of the quotes you hung in the following days. Something as small as seeing a poster that says, "Hello Beautiful", can make your morning a tad bit brighter.

3. You can make it your own

Yes, many people get their ideas from Pinterest but you are putting it all together the way you want it. You can add as many pictures with quotes, patterns, or drawings you want. If you are very artistic you could even paint or draw all of your own pictures to use instead of printing them.

4. It spices up an empty wall

No more looking at your drabby stained dorm wall. If you put a gallery wall up, it will take up a lot of room and add some sparkle to the plain wall it was before.

5. Because nobody is stopping you

That's right. It's your dorm or apartment or house, and you can put anything you want up. Some exclusions apply in a dorm when using nails (sometimes you need to use command strips).

Now get going, girl!! Make the most beautiful, inspirational, and show-stopping gallery wall you can.

Cover Image Credit: Pinterest

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