Controversial topics relating to body image and women empowerment, in recent years, has provoked spectators to share their stance on the annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. This conversation is inevitable because the self-love movement is here and now, and it’s not going away anytime soon.

Females all over the world host watch parties, sporting their own angel fashion they’ve acquired from VS stores. I would know, I used to be one of them. A few close girlfriends and I would camp out in front of the tv with our popcorn, and our eyes would twinkle along with the jeweled Fantasy bras and earned Angel wings.

However, I’ve grown up since then and can grasp the absurdity of the marketing ploys and materialistic hype, and choose to opt out of watching the glamorous fashion show. Other people don’t watch the show because Victoria’s Secret doesn’t support plus-size demographics; they feel that the brand is not recognizing the body positive movement in the way that it should (or could) be. Some misinterpret the fashion show for soft-core pornography. Some are impartial and simply don't care.

Whatever the reasoning may be, there is always another perspective that can be heard in order to gain additional understanding and further your own reasoning and knowledge of a topic (PSA: this can be applied to all issues).

The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show gives us something to discuss, that’s the beauty of being able to have our own opinions. With all the relevant debates and valid accusations against the event and the company, the fashion show also gives us something to celebrate.

1. It takes a lot of confidence to strut your stuff, half-naked in lingerie mind you, in front of millions. Let’s celebrate that.

2. Models prepare months in advance for one night, that takes dedication, determination, and self-control. Let’s celebrate that.

3. Models are promoting exercise and a healthy lifestyle, sharing their secrets with the world about their favorite workouts. Let’s celebrate that.

4. This year there are 55 models representing 17 different countries, #Diversity. Let’s celebrate that.

5. The Fashion Show is being held in Shanghai this year. Think about this for a moment. China, a predominantly prude country; that doesn’t normally favor or allow women to express themselves, or advertise nudity, nonetheless. This is breaking cultural barriers! Let’s celebrate that.

So instead of saying, “models are too skinny,” understand that they are confident, hardworking women. They have to maintain a positive, public image and can't poison their reputation with scandals. They are promoting body positivity and self-love in their own way. Looks and size shouldn’t matter, it really shouldn’t. You should look at these models, all models, and think, “Wow, I'm going to work on being confident like those women are” or “I'm going to strive to have self-control and dedication so I can live a healthy lifestyle that suits me.” Or even just acknowledging everyone’s beauty equally, “She’s beautiful and I’m beautiful, too.”

Now, that’s body positivity and women empowerment.