Have you ever caught yourself on a bad day, a good day or just out of habit needing to look up at the night sky? If so, you might just relate to these 5 reasons:

1. Wishing

Ever since you were a little kid, you always wished on every shooting star you saw. But, something happens, when you grew up you can’t seem to see those shooting stars fall out of the sky like you once did. Maybe, because when you were little you had a little more time to take a moment to look up to find the man on the moon. As you grow up, you have days you walk outside to look up to see a star. Closing your eyes you make a wish with your heart instead. You always catch yourself wishing upon the same star on every starry night. Which is astounding it hasn’t burned out yet when you wish at 11:11 every night.

2. Hoping

Hope, look like a small word but is very powerful. Hope one can describe as, no matter the outcome we can still make sense of it and manage to be okay no matter outcome. We keep looking up with our heads held high, seeing that hope reflecting off the bright galaxy above. We can sense that no matter how big the meteor seems, we see HOPE, through our eyes again and we hold on tight.

3. Searching

We all have chapters in our lives and sometimes just like in stories we lose ourselves, we lose our way and we get lost. Some stray further away than others, but we all somehow search for our way back. With strength, we look up to the find the light from within the moon and stars. The illuminating light leads us back, even on the darkest nights we somehow can find one star shining for us still. Pointing us back to the direction we need to go or the direction we need to take and just might be a little fearful. But, light is always the way.

4. Believing

Growing up we lose along the way, how to believe with our hearts. We have to reason and analyze every detail, which can get stressful. As kids, we didn’t complicate so much, we just believed no questioning. I guess why we were called naïve. But if we stop believing then what’s left to believe? We might stop believing, but we tend to look back up, taking a nice deep breath, closing our eyes so tights as we feel out tears stream down our face. There, at that moment, we believe again. We believe that no matter what gets thrown our way, we know it’s going to be fine, even if not, we believe it will be.

5. Thanking

Maybe you're find yourself gazing up with a big smile from such gratitude. We all have something we can be thankful for in our day, even in the darkest days. It can be as small as that stranger down the street saying hello or maybe the people who we have in our lives that makes our world great. No matter if the battle you’re facing is big or small we can always find the strength to look up and smile and be thankful.

How can a galaxy impact such a life? Maybe it’s the mystery or maybe the answers aren’t billions of miles away, just maybe, the answers we are looking for have been with us all along, inside our hearts.