According to The Humane Society of The United States, about 44% of households in America are predicted to have at least one dog. That's 54.4 million households! All for a very good reason too. There are many records of dogs having a beneficial impact on an individual and especially in the household. From uplifting your mood to improving your health, these 5 reasons are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the pros of owning a dog.

1. Dogs Are Stress Relievers

Often, our furry friends are correlated with warm and fuzzy welcomes. It's this very reason that makes them suitable stress-relieving companions. Simply by interacting with or caring for your dog can dramatically reduce the production of the hormones that are responsible for creating that dreadful stress. Universities and local colleges take advantage of this wonderful study by applying in on students during finals week!

2. Dogs Are Mood Lifters

A recent study was conducted to observe the beneficial effects dogs can have on their owners! The study was broken down into 3 major components which compared pet owners to non-pet owners in terms of emotional and psychological wellness. The results showed that not only were those who owned dogs mentally and physically healthier than those who didn't, it also concluded that the strength in these areas are vital to living a happier life.

3. Dogs Are The Best Guardians

There are a plethora of misconceptions about dogs, especially the ones who seem "more aggressive". Pit bulls are generally the center of this stigma. However, what most people don't realize is that pit bulls, along with all other dogs, are a production of what they are surrounded by and they are affectionate and loving by nature. In addition, dogs genuinely get attached to their owners and will loyally stick by their side. You can definitely rely on your furry friend to keep you safe.

4. Dogs Increase Your Exercise Productivity

Dogs, like people, require outside time to get active. Although some dogs are very content with running around their yard a hundred times, many breeds require a more versatile and wide range of space to run around in. This encourages many dog owners to be more active! Walking your dog 15 minutes to an hour a day may not seem like it creates that big of a change in your dog's behavior and health, but it makes a world of a difference for the both of you!

5. Dogs Are Mankind's Best Friend!

Of course, everyone is aware of how many people can relate to this!
There is countless evidence on how dogs make some of the best companions, guardians, and teachers there is. Humans continue to learn about our wonderful furry friends more and more every day, however, what we do know is enough to conclude that they're the most loyal and loving friends.