5 Reasons To Call Your Mom Today

I find myself calling my mom over the littlest things, but it's how we stay in touch when I'm away at school. Here are five reasons to do the same today.

1. To tell her about the difficult test you just took 

… or the interview you had yesterday, or the paper you just got an A on. Don't forget to tell your mom about your college accomplishments. Sometimes, when you have your friends around you all the time, you tell them all about these and simply forget that your mom is anxiously awaiting to hear about them too! Even if you just got a 63 on a stats test (this one hits way too close to home), she wants to know about that too.

2. To tell her about the cereal you ate for breakfast 

… or about the puppy you saw on campus today, or the funny thing your professor said in class. Whenever I call my mom, I spend half the time blabbing on and on about the trivial, silly things that go on throughout my day. When you're no longer around all of the time, moms want to hear about every aspect of your day, not always just the serious stuff.

3. Because you want pictures of your dog

One of the main things I miss from home is my dog, and I know about ninety-nine percent of college students share the same sentiment. Sometimes I'll call my mom out of the blue so I can FaceTime my chihuahua, Bea, because sometimes the framed picture of her on my desk in my dorm doesn't do it justice.

4. Because she misses you 

This one's obvious. Your mom misses you more than you think, so make time in your busy schedule to call her. It'll make her day.

5. Because you miss her more 

It doesn't matter how annoyed we get when our moms nag us about our grades or ask how we're feeling every second after going to the health center for a sinus infection – we still miss them every second.

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