5 Reasons To Seek Solitude

With the end of my Spring semester, I can finally think my own thoughts, feel my emotions fully, and open my eyes more widely without repercussions. However, instead of partying it up with friends or IM'ing everyone on social media, I feel that now is the perfect time to be alone. I am naturally a socially awkward introvert, despite my gregarious and outgoing social persona. Yet, no experience can ever be dealt with as fully as when we are alone. It is when we are just with ourselves does our perspective shift from a collective effort to a more soulful-seeking devotion. We become more aware of who we are in the universe unfolding within.

1) Free to Feel Fully (Safe Expression)

In today’s instantly social world, privacy has become underrated. I feel most comfortable to let loose and completely be my fullest self when there is no one to judge me, comment, or provide any sort of feedback that would detract from my own thoughts. Alone, there is no urgency to acknowledge anyone else nor please their existence. I am free to put on my favorite songs and dance (yes, that includes twerking). I can sing with all my heart for my ears only. I am free to go at my own pace. The process is all my own and I could not be more humbled by that. It is also in solitude that I work on building my self-confidence and self-esteem, weaving a framework to withstand the world once again.

2) Quiet

I am a born and raised New Yorker, from Park Slope in Brooklyn. Having lived in NYC practically my whole life, my DNA is attuned to noise: loud and obnoxious, subway-screeching noise. I would (eventually) fall asleep to cars honking, drunk people partying and fighting, and the nightlife right outside my window. This may sound fun and exciting but after a while, it becomes a living nightmare. NYC is named the city that never sleeps for a good reason. I am not sure if my lifelong insomnia is a consequence of my origin. Peace and quiet are too often taken for granted. Enjoy the silence, as Depeche Mode would say. One can hear everything more clearly when the volume is mute. Sitting and meditating in silence brings me a sense of gratitude for my ability to hear. The silence adds meaning to all the noise.

3) Continental Creativity

In silence and solitude, the aptitude to tap into your internal potential heightens and ideas begin to spark like wildfire. I have gotten some of my best ideas while alone, along with the added time to let them blossom without interruption. Some of your greatest ideas could use some one-on-one time to help it reach fruition. Because you have no one to validate your experience, being by yourself is the ultimate adventure. Your journey becomes your home and you can own it!

4) Infinite Inspirations

With no one by your side, there is ample space for receiving your experience in its purest form. The outside world can enter your own, sans filter, albeit if you suspend your own preconceived notions. What you see, hear, smell, taste, and feel can push you at the pull and move you in more ways than imaginable, especially now that you have more space to let it all in. There is no rush except the exhilaration that comes from the beautiful realization of the world in relation to you; you are but a small speck of dust enjoying the whirlwinds. Once you truly realize just how small you are in this universe, your mind will have a breakthrough, reveling in revelations!

5) Know Thyself (Divine Wisdom)

One of the most difficult challenges in life is figuring out who you are, who you were, and who you are becoming. We spend our entire lives trying to reach this imaginary finish line that can shift in the blink of an eye, chasing our tails trying to master ourselves. The person we usually end up knowing the least is ourselves. We can spend our whole lives learning yet still know nothing. As Lao Tzu said, “Mastering others is strength; mastering yourself is true power.” The silence allows the soul to speak, so just listen!

In this rushed hustle and bustle filled world, it is important to remember that "alone time" is not simply time alone. When we do carve out a moment for ourselves, that is probably the one true way we can make time stop. Alone, you can truly devote your fullest attention to the lens that lets you see. You can clean your filter, widen your perspective, refresh your mind, calm your ego, center your soul, listen to your heart beat, and find innerpeace. Just be! You will be OK.

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