5 Reasons Why I Love Being Back In Bucks County

Yes, Penn State is a great place to live during the school year, but nothing beats coming home to Bucks County. Basically everyone at Penn State has heard of Bucks County since a lot of us go to Penn State for school. I am actually from outside Philadelphia (about thirty minutes to be exact). Here are some reasons why I love coming home to Southeastern Pennsylvania.

1. There are finally Wawa’s.

Oh how I miss Wawa when I am in State College. Sheetz does not even compare to Wawa (and yes, I have had Sheetz before). I ordered a bagel at Sheetz once and it was soggy and gross— nothing like my bagels from Wawa. Wawa’s mac'n'cheese is delicious and nothing will ever beat it.

2. It’s called “Water Ice” again.

I am sick of people making fun of me when I say water ice. That is what it is called where I am from, not “Italian Ice.” I’m sorry that people who actually are just outside Philly call it water ice (well at least where I’m from in Bucks County). Thankfully when I come home, I can say water ice and people won't make fun of me. And yes, I know water ice is redundant and makes very little sense.

3. I can easily visit the city.

I love Philadelphia. It is a wonderful city to visit. I can easily take the train down (to avoid the traffic and not have to deal with I-95) and explore all the city has to offer me. There isn’t a city in State College that I can visit by hopping on a train. I can get into Philadelphia in about thirty to forty minutes and yes, I can go downtown in State College but it’s not the same as going to the city.

4. I can visit different towns by car in a matter of minutes.

I love living in Levittown but being able to visit a lot of other towns pretty quickly and easily is a giant plus. I also have my car here at home so I can drive to these towns easily. I can visit beautiful Newtown in about ten minutes or I could drive a little further, about half an hour, and see historic New Hope. All these beautiful towns are at the touch of my fingertips.

5. I'm back with Philadelphia sports fans.

I'm definitely not a huge sports fan, but I do love cheering on the Philadelphia teams. In State College, a lot of people tend to be Pittsburgh fans (unless they're from out of state). I love the Phillies, especially because baseball is one of the only sports I actually understand. Philadelphia sports fans are the best. Even though our teams may not be the best, we root on our teams like they are ranked number one worldwide.

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