5 Reasons To Live At Home During College

Now, before you say that living away from home during college is the best decision of your life, I agree. But there are some perks to living at home as well during college. Personally, I'm glad that I have had the opportunity to live at home during my college career (Thanks, Mom and Dad) but I also can't wait to get an apartment during my junior or senior year, it will be a nice change. So here the best reasons to live at home. Remember always to be grateful!

1. Home-cooked meal

Mom and Dad are the best part 1

2. Laundry

Mom and Dad are the best part 2

3. Pets

What more do you want in life?

4. $aving Money

The GIF says it all

5. Comfort

You can finally be Ugly in Peace

Overall, living at home has its perks just as living at college does. Everyone has their own experiences and one should do what one wants to do. It's always best to get both experiences and choose the best one that works well for you.

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