5 Fun Reasons Happy Hour Is The Best Hour

5 Fun Reasons Happy Hour Is The Best Hour

Turning 21 is a fun new exciting time, until you learn about something even more exciting... Happy Hour!

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Turning 21 is a fun, new, and exciting time in your life. Turning 21 gives you a whole new world to explore. Whether that's going to your local store and getting a bottle of you new favorite alcohol, hitting up the bars, or even ordering a fun new cocktail while you're out at dinner.

For the longest time I just thought that the best thing to save me money after turning 21 was to pre-game the bars that way I would save myself and my bank account from being drained the next day. Little did I know that Happy Hour would become my lifelong best friend for years to come.

1. It saves your bank account.

Most Happy Hours offer drink deals. Those drink deals might be special drinks their offering that day for a cheaper price or even making all the drinks they offer half the price of what they usually are. This allows you to get all your favorite drinks for a lot cheaper!

2. With happy hour drinks, comes happy hour appetizers.

Not only do some bars offer discounted drinks and special, some even offer deals on their food! Who doesn't like a giant plate of cheese fries that are half the price to go with their discounted drink.

3. You can try new drinks.

Whether you just turned 21 or have been 21 for awhile, sometimes you wanna explore to drink options. Exploring new drink options means spending more money at the bar. If you try those new drinks while at Happy Hour, you'll save yourself some money and you may even find your new favorite drink

4. You get to hit up the bar early.

Since some Happy Hours offer early deals, you can go out to the bar at a decent time. This gives you the chance to go out and drink with your friends and be home by a good time. Making the next morning a little less terrible if you decided to have one too many drinks while there.

5. Not just at the bars or restaurants.

Now if you aren't able to drink quite yet, you're in luck. All of these bar and restaurant deals are great when you're 21+, but even if you're not many other places offer Happy Hour deals! Some fast food places and even coffee shops offer the same great deals. Fast Food restaurants such as, Sonic, Dairy Queen and Steak N' Shake offer some awesome deals!

I learned these things the hard way after turning 21, two years ago. I drained my account and spent way too much money but it also helped me find a new love for searching for the best Happy Hours everywhere I visit. Next time you decide to go out and drink, look up your favorite bars or restaurants online to see if they offer any great Happy Hour deals!

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