The stereotypes surrounding college students are true. We are broke, homesick at times and we love junk food. Therefore, when we get the email that says there's a package waiting for us in the mailroom, we couldn't be any happier. Getting a letter or a care package in college feels (in our minds) exactly like winning the lottery, and here's why:

1. We're broke and care packages often contain the things we need/want but can't afford.

Money goes quick when you're in college and away from the job you have at home, so anytime you run out of something you need (or find something you swear you can't live without), you're only hope is that someone will send it to you in a care package.

2. Getting a letter from your family is a reminder that they actually do miss you.

Parents joke all the time about their plans to throw a party the minute you leave for college, and sometimes you can't help but think they're telling the truth. Getting a letter/package from them is a reminder they do really miss you despite their cruel jokes.

3. Even if the package you got is something you ordered yourself, it's still the most exciting thing to happen to you all week.

You may know it's coming, but it's still so exciting.

4. Signing the signature pad makes you feel like a real adult.

...and like a celebrity. Who turns down the opportunity to sign an autograph?

5. It's a stress reliever.

After many long hours of classes and homework, it's nice to know someone is thinking of you.