5 Reasons Why Your Dog is Your Real Best Friend

1. Your dog is the only one who is unconditionally loyal.

Sometimes you fight with your family or friends, but you can't really fight with your dog. It's a nice feeling to know that your pup will be waiting for you at home at the end of each day no matter what happened or how bad things are.

2. You can always count on your dog to hangout with you.

If your friends are busy or you just don't feel like going out, have a movie night with your dog. Pups are always down to cuddle and have a night in with their best friend.

3. You can pet your dog whenever you're feeling down.

Petting dogs has been proven to be therapeutic and it can be very soothing. Your pup will always be loyal to you and stay by your side.

4. You always have someone to vent to.

Even though your dog obviously can't respond or give you any advice, sometimes it's nice just to let everything out. Your dog won't judge you and will just sit by your side and listen.

5. Your dog will protect you.

Dogs know when something is wrong and they know how to make you feel better. Whether it's cuddling, playing fetch, or taking funny pictures, dogs know how to motivate you. Also, they will also bark and scare away anyone they know is up to no good.

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