The best part of my introduction to sorority life was my Big/Little reveal. As anyone who knows me will tell you, my Big has become one of my best friends and our relationship means the world to me. We just lost two amazing members of our fam due to that terrifying thing called graduation, but my Big and I can't wait to welcome an awesome future sister into our family as my Little. Here are 6 of the biggest reasons why.

1. Meeting my Little

Whether I meet her during recruitment, at Bid Day, on a Sister Date or one day after chapter, I can't wait. Even if I don't know how much I'll grow to love her after a week, month, or year, I will always love that memory with her - just like I do with my Big!

2. Crafting

I've definitely heard girls complain before about how expensive or time-consuming it is to craft for a little, but I've already started! It isn't even summer yet and I've already bought a pack of canvases and ordered some biodegradable glitter. Guess what I'll be doing for a whole three months? Spoiling my future girl!

3. Keeping it a secret

Maybe it's my theatre background, but I'm so pumped to take a little and pretend like I don't know anything about it around her or anyone else! That's right, the only people who will know who my little is before reveal will be me, my Big, and the sister who makes the pairings herself. The surprise is the best part!

4. All of the help I'll have

Since my Big is so great and is just as excited to get a GLittle as I am to get a Little, she'll be right next to me to teach me how to craft as well as she did!

5. Reveal

The moment she joins my fam will be one of the most defining (and hopefully exciting!) moments of her experience in our sisterhood. I can't wait to give her a huge hug, to take her out to dinner after Reveal, and to create the first of a long line of happy memories with her!

6. Every memory we'll make together

I don't know if I would've made it through my freshman year without my Big, and I can't wait to be around for my Little in the same way. I'm so excited to guide her and become a mentor, but also be a best friend and a support system. I can't wait to introduce her to my friends and get to know hers as well during all of the fun times we'll have together.

My future Little is the thought between each t-shirt wrapped in ribbon, all of the paint stains on my clothes, and every piece of glitter on her new Greek letters. I can't wait to become her Big!